‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Film Review

Grade: B

The Lego Batman Movie Movie Poster

When Robin/Dick Grayson (Voice of Michael Cera) asks Batman (Voice of Will Arnett) if the Bat-Mobile has seat belts on their first outing in the LEGO version of Gotham City (Which I might add is as beautiful as it is visually appealing to the eyes), Batman’s reply is “Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”. This quote is what makes the LEGO incarnation of the Caped Crusader a comic gem. He was first introduced to audiences as a supporting comic relief in ‘The LEGO Movie’, which proved to be a major success. Batman is one of the greatest superheroes that doesn’t really need to fly around cities to capture villains, such as The Joker (Voiced in this movie by Zach Galifianakis), The Riddler (Voiced here by Conan O’Brien) and many others I do not need to mention. He has gadgets, a sense of vengeance, and the smarts to tackle any problem. There have been many incarnations of Batman, from Adam West’s campy family friendly bat to Ben Affleck’s Superman-fighting machine, but no other incarnation seems to be so macho, and filled with self-confidence as much as a toy version of Batman.

Batman/Bruce Wayne, in this film, comes off as a total narcissist, who doesn’t really care about teamwork. In fact, his hard exterior comes from the fact that he is plagued with the death of his parents (which sadly is not shown in this movie, but would be funny in LEGO form.), but he won’t admit it, because… he’s Batman! The Joker commits crimes just to get Batman’s attention with the help of his associate Harley Quinn (Voice of ‘Zootopia’s Jenny Slate), who I swear was added in due to the popularity of Margot Robbie’s incarnation in ‘Suicide Squad’, and is even upset that the caped crusader won’t admit that he hates “The clown prince of crime”; even with a slew of ridiculous villains, including some old nemesis’.

Instead, Batman loves nothing but to work alone. He is so lonely that all he does when he gets home from a hard day’s work of even stopping the Joker’s plans, he talks to his computer (Voiced by Siri, no joke.), heats up his lobster thermidor that Alfred (Voice of Ralph Fiennes) makes him and eats in his own pool, watches romantic comedy-dramas, such as ‘Jerry Maguire’ on his PS4, and looks at the same family photo of him and his parents. 

Batman is mostly seen wearing his mask throughout this film, which also adds to the humor this film is trying to boast (Either that, or it is just easier for the animators at Warner Animation Group to keep it on). He does unmask himself during a couple of scenes (Mostly during one funny scene where he is attending the retirement party of Commissioner Gordon (Voice of Héctor Elizondo) and inauguration of Gordon’s daughter Barbara (Voice of Rosario Dawson) as the new police commissioner.). When you do have a movie starring Batman, you should expect him to keep on the cowl.

I admit that I enjoyed ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ a lot; from its satirical opening to its emotional ending. Yes, I am serious when I say that ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ has emotion to it. ‘The LEGO Movie’ had its heartfelt speech near the end, while ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ deals with the dilemma of having a family and the importance of teamwork which kids can take from this movie. I admit that I was moved during those scenes, and this is a movie based on a simple toy line that requires imagination. 

I can’t say that ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ outshines its predecessor. The animation in the original ‘LEGO Movie’ was reminiscent of stop-motion and was consistently funny. Here, you know the gimmick and notice that it is indeed computer-animated, and there are times where ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ tries a little hard to reach those comedic heights, not just with Batman’s narcissism, but film references galore, especially during Act II. The film also has a plot that feels like it just won’t stop, and is, at times, messy. It, however, has its moments that make it special. I am now looking forward to ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ coming in September.



4 thoughts on “‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Film Review

  1. I haven’t yet jumped on board the lego train as I haven’t even seen the actual Lego movie. Despite being repeatedly told it is good, I just don’t think I’ve been in the right frame of mind for it.

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    1. The original movie is hilarious. Watched it for the third time after a couple of friends and I went to see this, because one person hasn’t seen the original predecessor. It does work as a stand-alone film, and you do not have to see ‘The LEGO Movie’ itself for this one.

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