‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Film Review

Grade: A

John Wick 2 Movie Poster

As I sat through ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’, I was hoping for a superior sequel to its decent predecessor, which gave us a disgruntled (and grizzly) Keanu Reeves treading the streets while killing the people who not only stole his car, but also killed his dog. (Which I’m sure made many people wanting to keep close to their pets as possible). We were shown a sympathetic former assassin who had a reason to do what he did. His name? John Wick. Reeves is bad-ass as Wick, and he gives it his all when he takes up that duty once again in this sequel. To tell you the truth, I really liked it. My friends and I were discussing on the ride home how this could potentially set up a third movie in what is set up to be a franchise. I really hope there is a third ‘John Wick’ and cannot wait to see Reeves once again do what he should do best: Shoot, give funny quips, and look dapper.

I could say that John Wick is the American James Bond due to the three reasons in the last sentence of my first paragraph, but more of like an R-rated version of the British spy. What you see on the screen is definitely not PG-13 fare. Wick is a master of head shots and rarely misses. He does get his share of cuts and bruises that no one could ever survive. But being the action hero that Wick is, he gets up and kills as if those bruises don’t exist to him.

From the word GO! We get amazing action sequences and brutal violence all the way through. Compared to the first ‘John Wick’s tame nature, (despite also being rated R) ‘Chapter 2’ ups the ante on kills and bloodshed, making it a very entertaining sit-through. Props also go for a very funny and awesome ‘Matrix’ reunion between Reeves and Laurence Fishburne during a rooftop scene above a homeless shelter. (I was waiting for a red pill/blue pill reference, but I’ll take Fishburne’s line about how long his character has known Wick for “a few decades”, or something along the lines, as a funny reference.) We also get some well-filmed sequences involving a concert and a mirrored room as well to put the cherry on top of that delicious ice cream sundae.

What I’ve learned about ‘John Wick’ is that Reeves has done 90 percent of his own stunts to give audiences what they need in order to have fun along with that bloodshed and badassery; proving that Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan are not only the only “old” action stars that put themselves in danger by doing the impossible for the sake of entertainment. Reeves may be in his 50’s, but he can still kick ass. He is given a lot more to do of the same old job in ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’. While it may sound tiring, I bet you that all those impossible stunts were worth it, especially for a torn and tattered Reeves; all while wearing a nice suit too. If there is a third film in the franchise, I can tell you now that I will be there.

3 thoughts on “‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Film Review

    1. Sounds like a good film from what Jacob writes here. I’ve never seen the first one though so will have to get to that (eventually…) first. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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