Anime ABC’s D Results & Brief Update

Happy New Year!

Hope everybody is enjoying the first day of 2017. I know I’ve been busy lately but before I get to that, let’s see who the winner of the D round for Anime ABC’s. Receiving a grand total of 7 votes:  The Devil is a Part-Timer is this round’s winner! I’m looking forward to giving this one another watch and reviewing it. It should take me a no more than three weeks to get this watched and reviewed, I’d be quicker but won’t have internet for another week or so. While you wait, consider checking out the previous ABC review of Code Geass or any of the other’s in the backlog.

This time around we had a total of 9 participants which is down from last round. No worries though, I had expected this. Just means we need to try harder to get people to vote next time. Below there are copies of the results for those who are curious on how people voted and a short update following that.


Other:  Dagashi Kashi


Brief Update

As some may be aware, I haven’t had the best internet during the month of December. I’ll be back in my usual environment in a week or two and will be able to produce content again with more regularity. At this time I’ll be back on my University campus and will be settling into my next round of classes. In the meantime, Jacob may produce some content for you all but I will be inactive here prior to me being back on campus.

Until then!

-Jon Spencer

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