‘White Girl’ Film Review

Grade: D+

White Girl Movie Poster

Ever since I saw a small trailer for ‘White Girl’, directed by Elizabeth Wood, I thought to myself, in excitement, that this would be my kind of movie. I am a guy who is into seeing Indie films for the feeling of something fresh and enlightening. ‘White Girl’ doesn’t give you that feeling however, and mostly delves into the crazy world of drug addiction, all while trying to give us a commentary on modern issues that we see all the time on televisions. I really wanted this movie to dig deeper on this brief thought-provoking commentary instead of just focusing on our main girl; Leah (Morgan Saylor).

Leah looks to be like your average college girl, but her drug addiction is a problem. (which the film doesn’t really acknowledge like her best friend/roommate, Katie [India Menuez] does, but it’s all in a seemingly joking manner and made to be funny.) Her search for weed leads her to the other side of the neighborhood, where she meets Blue (Brian ‘Sene’ Marc), who sells drugs, yet claims that he and his friends aren’t really interested in the products themselves. After their meeting, the film rushes into sex, partying, romance, and separation as Leah has to find a way to gather a total amount of bail money to free Blue out of prison. 

‘White Girl’ totally looks like an Indie film and definitely has that feel. But throughout the majority, I felt as if I was watching a made-for-Netflix TV series. (‘Orange is the New Black’, anyone?) I was also reminded of the many conversations in the Harmony Korine penned ‘Kids’, which was a very well-filmed, yet ridiculous look at STD’s among teens, lustful desires, and fun in the summer. The words and dialogue almost feel as real as they can, but throughout, I was bothered by the sound. The soundtrack during ‘White Girl’s first 10 minutes seems to almost overshadow the dialogue.It does take time to quiet down during its emotional and romantic moments. The chemistry between Saylor and Marc is felt and genuine; you feel a little sympathy for them before it ends.

The first time watching this film, I just couldn’t quite grasp it. Nothing seemed to give me some sort of impression, except for the thought ‘This is it?!’. I have to say the second time around, I got more of an impression; judging my grade above, it’s not a good one, but I’m not mad; I have seen worse films this year that go to the lowest rankings imaginable. ‘White Girl’ is a brightly lit film with dark elements that focuses more on having fun instead of exploding with hard-hitting truth. It either needs a TV series or a sequel, which I would love to see.




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