Rightstuf Holiday Sale Buying Guide 2016 – Top 26-ish Picks

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Which means that I’m back with my annual Righstuf Holiday buying guide. This time of year is the ideal time to stock up on anime when the prices at Righstuf are unbelievably low. The best part is that whether you have a membership or not, the savings are the same for all so nobody has to miss out. Last year I detailed 35 picks, some are bound to make it back this year but first, here are some rules for this list:

  • Only anime DVD’s and Blu-rays will be featured on this list. I don’t really read manga and so I’m not all that well informed on what’s a good deal or even what titles people should really pick up.
  • No Mega Deals or Limited Offers will be featured since they have a time limit.
  • Has to be the best price I can find, if Amazon beats it then it doesn’t end up on the list.
  • Out of Stock items will not be on the main list but will probably get an honorable mention (they might come back into stock).
  • List is in no particular order.
  • Lastly, this list is only current as of 12/5/16. That means I’ve sifted through all 1,519 deals so far! More offers are added each day, so be sure to head over to Righstuf each day and see what new deals pop up.

1. Anything From Aniplex

Let’s get an easy one out of the way. Aniplex is expensive and we all know it. If they have something you want on sale, now is the time to get it. Some great picks so far are Gurren Laggan DVD LE set or all 5 Blu-ray sets, Kill La Kill in any form, or the first season of Durarara! on Blu-ray.

2. A Lull in the Sea/Nagi no Asukara

DVD Bundle:  $68.99

Premium Blu-ray set:  $99.99

For those of you who enjoy character dramas with love triangles and an interesting setting, this anime is for you. A big selling point for this show is its visuals, which is unsurprising since characters are uniquely outlined blue. This technique really works wonders for the show. While either set is worth the price, I bought in with the DVD’s.

3. Hunter X Hunter (2011)

DVD:  $19.99

Blu-ray:  $26.99

While the DVD price is actually higher than what Amazon offers, the Blu-ray is more than worth it. If you are like me, you’ve been watching Hunter x Hunter on Toonami, if not, then I highly encourage you to give it a look. This is only the first set, featuring 12 episodes, but for those planning to pick this up at any point in the future should consider starting now.

4. Any S.A.V.E Set

If it’s a Funimation S.A.V.E set, and you want it, this is a great time to pick it up. These are usually almost always cheaper on Amazon but not during this sale.

5. Gunslinger Girl Season 1-2 + OVA

DVD/Blu-ray: $24.99

It’s a crazy good price. What I’ve seen of the show so far is pretty good. Originally, this series was only available on DVD but has recently received this Blu-ray combo set release. This is the best value for your dollar. If you like loli assassins (and honestly, who doesn’t?) then this show is a must.

6. Log Horizon S1-2

This one is broken up into sets but grabbing the DVD’s for both seasons will run you close to $100 bucks. Well worth the price as this is one of the best “trapped in an MMO” anime out there. No if only there were a third season… If you like Overlord, SAO, or even .hack// then this may be the show for you.

7. Parasyte The Maxim

DVD:  Set 1 is $26.99 and set 2 is 29.99 for a total of $56.98

Blu-ray:  Set 1 is $31.49 and set 2 is $34.99 for a total of $66.48

DVD/Blu-ray Collectors Sets:  $69.99 for both sets; $139.98 total.

Collector sets are the way to go, but get the Blu-rays if that’s too pricy for you. The best anime regarding character development I’ve ever seen. Plus the show is more than a little good. Seriously, this one belongs in any collection.

8. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Collector’s Edition

DVD/Blu-ray:  $24.99

An excellent set and an excellent film. This is the definitive version. From the director that brought audiences Wolf Children, this film manages to tell a story that almost anyone can enjoy.

9. Princess Tutu

DVD:  $17.99

Given the chance, Princess Tutu is an anime that will deliver in a major way. While the art and name may suggest a more “girlish” show, this is not necessarily the case. The anime is dark and at times fairly mature. Despite this, Princess Tutu is still surprisingly kid friendly while offering more than its fair share for adults.

10. From The New World/Shinseki Yori

DVD:  $35.99

Blu-ray:  $45.99

The better deal is the DVD’s here. Amazon wins with Blu-rays by a few bucks. Regardless, this is one of the better “horror” anime out there. While this one is certainly slow to start, From The New World offers a gripping and disturbing story. Truly great. Check out my review of the series by clicking on the link if you would like to know more.

11. Death Note Complete Series Omega Edition Blu-ray

Cost:  $34.99

THE set for any Death Note fan. Being one of my favorite anime, and at such an excellent price, it would be a real shame not to put this one on the list. The standard set is on sale too, but it’s worth the extra few odd cents for this one.

12. Black Lagoon Complete Series + OVA Premium Edition Blu-ray

Cost:  $44.99

Assuming you don’t already own this, then this is the set to get. Other sets are on sale too but this is the set I would recommend since the show is almost a guaranteed hit for most.

13. No Game, No Life

DVD:  $23.99

Blu-ray:  $27.99

Collector’s Set (DVD/Blu-ray):  $64.99

A surprisingly fun show that also used the cool art technique that A Lull in the Sea used. If you like mind game type shows this is an automatic purchase. Personally, I have the Collector’s set and it was more than worth the price since it came with tons of cool extra things and the soundtrack. However, if that’s too steep, grab the Blu-ray set since the show more than deserves that.

14. Unlimited Psychic Squad

DVD:  $19.99

Blu-ray:  $23.99

This show really surprised me. Being a spin-off series of Psychic Squad (I don’t recommend that one) I figured that this show would be decent at best. However, the show was really solid and either set is worth picking up at that price especially.

15. Cowboy Bebop Complete Series

DVD:  $22.49

Blu-ray:  $26.99

DVD’s are barely worth at that price. The Blu-ray is a good discount though. One of the most iconic shows ever made, it speaks for itself. If you don’t own it, buy it already.

16. Flowers of Evil

DVD:  $17.49

Blu-ray: $20.99

Many are turned off to this one due to the rotoscoped animation but the show is not bad. It’s really dark though so fair warning. Worth it at the price it is at.

17. Spice and Wolf Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD

Cost:  $24.74

Not a big discount compared to Amazon but this would save you a few bucks. A lot of people swear up and down for this one. I own it but haven’t seen it yet, so not much else to say here.

18. Aria Franchise

Made it back onto the list this year. It’s normally super pricey but it is more affordable during the sale. Still haven’t watched it but it is one of those anime that people recommend all the time so now’s the chance to own it if you are looking.

19. Wolf Children Blu-ray/DVD

Cost:  $15.74

One of the best, if not the best, anime films I have ever seen. Just trust me on this one and pick it up. Perfect for the whole family.

20. Kids on the Slope

DVD:  $20.99

Blu-ray:  24.49

An underrated Watanabe show. Most know Watanabe for such shows such as Cowboy Bebop or Space Dandy but this is one of his lesser known works. If you like Jazz music then you will most likely enjoy this. The characters are a bit weak at times, but it is more than made up for by the music. At full price this might be a pass for many, but at this price it is well worth picking up.

21. Trigun Complete Series DVD Anime Classics

Cost:  $17.99

Really great spaghetti western anime. Really light-hearted comedy fun at first but becomes more serious as the show goes on. The series has a film that is on sale too. I would recommend the DVD version of that one also at its price of $8.99.

22. Ergo Proxy Complete Series DVD Anime Classics

Cost:  $17.99

This show isn’t for everybody. If you like philosophical shows that are a bit experimental than you will enjoy this. Not as think heavy or hard to watch as Lain but still requires some attention.

23. Kino’s Journey Complete Collection DVD

Cost:  $12.24

If you like Mushi-shi then this is one you will most definitely enjoy. You can watch the show for free, however, on Amazon Prime if you want to give it a test before buying it.

24. Redline (Blu-ray)

Cost:  $7.99

The definition of exciting. The animation is also stellar. Great film, the DVD is on sale too but the Blu-ray is the only real way to get maximum value.

25. Last Exile Complete Series DVD Anime Classics

Cost:  $17.99

I’ve written a ton about this series. Check out the review of this season here.

26. Moribito Guardian of the Spirit Complete Collection DVD

Cost:  $5.99

Really affordable. The Ghost in the Shell guy directed this one. Haven’t seen it but I picked it up. From what I know it’s a fairly solid show and is nice for helping close that minimum shipping gap.

Honorable Mentions:

That’s All For This Year!

While I didn’t list as many as last year, there are still plenty of excellent titles available. Remember, I did also have some blanket categories which significantly lowered the number titles that made the list. Let me know hat you plan on, or have already, picked up in the sale; I’d love to know!

Until next year,

-Jon Spencer

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