Thoughts On Heroic Mode Tavern Brawl – Hearthstone’s Newest Mode

In Theory, Heroic Tavern Brawls Sound Fun

In practice however, this was the single worst experience I have ever had with Hearthstone. I’m getting ahead of myself though, let me explain what Heroic Tavern Brawl is for those who don’t already know. This new mode is a pay to play mode that replaces the normal free to play Tavern Brawl, the biggest difference outside of this is that the new mode offers great rewards for winning (much like in arena mode, but better payouts the farther up you go) as opposed to the single standard pack for winning that the standard Brawls net you. The mode will cost you 1,000 in game currency or $10 bucks of real cash for 1 chance to play.

Seeing that I’m not bad at the game, I was at least open to the idea of these Heroic Tavern Brawls but after playing one, I can say that I will NEVER touch the mode again. Remember how fun the normal Brawls are? Well forget that nonsense, Heroic mode is MUCH better. How? Simple! It’s just standard ranked mode. That’s it. Try to win 12 standard ranked games before losing three times.

Umm… ok? Well I do have a deck with about a 60-70% win rate in standard ranked mode, that’s pretty good. I tried that and went 1-3. I got 2 packs and lost 1,000 gold. I get that this mode is meant to be high risk, high reward but I feel pretty slighted. Maybe I just needed to go even? Let’s look at the rewards list.


Nope… that’s not it either. At 3 wins and 3 losses I net 4 packs, a bit of dust, and 120 gold. That means I would have paid 1,000 gold to get about half of it back in goods. Bad deal. So where do you break even? 6 wins, debatably, depending on some luck but really at 7 wins. Good luck with that.

Let me get one thing straight before continuing. I didn’t expect to do amazing and hit the 12 out of 12 here. I thought, at worst, I could manage a 3-3 like in arena. I mean, the statistics for my deck were on my side for at least that and, as I mentioned, I’m fairly decent at the game averaging at about rank 10 each season (I could probably do a bit better but I don’t really rank much).

So with all that I had a pretty garbage experience. It wasn’t fun. It was very stressful and I don’t feel like the rewards are worth it at all. Even pro players are going to have a hard time here since everybody is going to be running the single most optimal deck for their preferred class. That’s assuming you even have the card pool to support that kind of play… It’s just not fun, at all.

In the future Blizzard really needs to think about the game modes they introduce for Hearthstone. This replaced a fun, free, and fair mode with a pay to play one. I understand that the free mode will be back next week, but anytime this pops up in the rotation I probably won’t play Hearthstone for that week at all.

I like the idea of the more competitive mode and the opportunity at high rewards but in the mode’s current state, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It’s just not worth the gamble. Guess I’ll just be waiting until next week.

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