Anime ABC’s C Results


In A Surprise Twist, The Winner Is…

With a grand total of 8 votes Code Geass managed to beat out Cowboy Bebop by a whole 2 votes. This was certainly unexpected as Cowboy Bebop seemed like the sure bet when voting first started. That being said, there is no better time to be reviewing Code Geass since it just turned 10 years old this year and I happened to pick up the Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray. This one will take me a bit to watch and get a review out so be a little patient this time around. You can check out my previous ABC reviews of Anohana or Baccano! in the meantime.

Below you’ll see the breakdown for all 13 voters, up from last times 9, which I’m glad to see we managed to improve. Hopefully we can get even more votes as we continue through the alphabet!


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