Jon Spencer Reviews Now on Twitch

twitchHey Everybody!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I setup a Twitch account which you can find by clicking here or searching for JonSpencerReviews on Twitch itself. To know when I’m streaming be sure to follow me on Twitter @JS_Reviews. I don’t have a set streaming schedule but that may change in the future. That being said, I’ll likely stream M-F in the early afternoon or later portions of the evening. I’m PST so plan accordingly need be. If I decide on a set schedule though, I’ll make another post here.

Why Stream?

I wanted another outlet for community interaction as well as a way to generate some non-written content. Typically, I enjoy playing games like Hearthstone, Overwatch, Shadowverse, Civ VI, and other games similar to these by myself or with friends. In the future, I’m hoping to have opportunities to hang out playing games, discussing stuff, or just hanging out with my readers here. I’m not really expecting that many people to watch, but I thought it might be fun and for those of you who are interested I can’t wait to see ya!


What'd you think?

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