What’s Been Going on Lately?


Hey guys. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you might remember that I’ve been dealing with something personal for the past week or so. Otherwise, you guys are just finding out about this now. I wanted to hold off from writing this for as long as possible because I wanted try and resolve the situation positively instead of negatively like it ended up being.

First you guys need a little background to fully understand the situation here. About 8 months ago I started on a business venture with a professor and some of my colleges. It started out as a conceptual business before becoming an official one about a month and a half into the project. Some of you might even remember some posts I made about the business and our product, Newdle awhile back.


Things were going really well for us too! We had a deal with Whole Foods, we had cut down our numbers to a workable size (started at 20+ got it down to 9, then later to 7), and things couldn’t have possibly gone much better. I was really proud of the project, the people I was working with, and the direction we were taking.

That was, until Summer came around.

It was then that warning signs of what is now my current situation came to pass. The first problem came to be when we could not get ahold of our Whole Foods contact whom we initially made the contract with. The problem here was that we only had record of partial agreements and Whole Foods was not at all willing to work with us regarding the issues we faced with their employee and subsequent contract. However, this was not the worst of it.

I would sit idle, waiting, for whole weeks at a time even. Just waiting. Waiting… nobody would contact me with updates, requests to get things done, etc.. and when I reached out? Complete radio silence. Obviously this was massively frustrating but somehow we managed to have this process work for us until the school year started back up. Things hadn’t gone completely downhill yet.

During this time frame, we were trying to get a co-packer, finalize packaging, contact Whole Foods, among other things. We failed to get a co-packer but everything else was still moving just fine despite Whole Foods more or less telling us they were no longer interested. As a result, we got certification to produce our product in house and were motivated to find a new store to sell to.

Then school started up and I stopped hearing from anybody. Months went by and I finally went crazy and non-stopped bothered everybody with the project. Before I would poke or prod a bit here and there, but I heard nothing. That was when I received a very disheartening email.

For privacy and professional reasons I will not be sharing said email, but I will offer a summation:  I’m sorry, but we just need to give up. People are too busy with school, work, or just aren’t interested. Therefore, the company is dead. We are done.

It was devastating for me.

After all this effort, waiting, and right on the cusp of success. All I get is an email. I invested so much time and energy into this company. Just to have everybody give up… we weren’t even doing badly. People were excited about our product and I was excited to be doing something meaningful. So I did the logical thing and replied to the email, which was invited, but again was greeted to a wall of silence.

My email suggested meeting in person before finalizing anything. Maybe try talking to our professor who helped get the whole thing started. Pointed out that we ran ad campaigns and the people running them just stopped communicating. We clearly have a problem, so let’s try and fix it instead of just ignoring it.

Nobody cared. Even the guy who was part of the company that I see in class won’t talk to me about it. Nothing new though. I was shutout from the beginning right? What changed? It makes me so angry to even thing about it! How could they? It’s frustrating to say the least.

Having waited well over a week now, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that the company is really dead. Nobody cares about it anymore outside of myself. Perhaps it isn’t clear, since this is only just a text post, but to have something I was so passionate about just fizzle and die so unceremoniously over trivialities really was massively disappointing.

Back to today, and why I took the time to write this. This post is me giving up too. I have to. I want to keep going, but I can’t do it by myself. So I’ve been depressed about it and that’s why I haven’t been writing much on here. I haven’t been doing much of anything. I was devastated, and still kind of am. Overall, this ended up being a pretty terrible experience for me. I don’t regret it, but at the same time, maybe I would have been better off never having had that opportunity.

If you read all that, thanks.

-Jon Spencer

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