A Quick Update – Been Super Busy :(

School, Work, & Not Enough Time

This is really for those of you who don’t follow me over on Twitter @JS_Reviews where I’ve been keeping people up to date on my happenings every now and then. My work load got kind of crazy this week so I will unfortunately be unable to produce any content outside of this update. However, Jacob has been at it lately so there has been plenty of cool movie reviews for you guys this week.

To make up for this, next week I will be getting out my Baccano! review for sure as well as the review for the filler card game, For Sale, that was planned for this week. If my work load doesn’t ramp up any extra, I may even get a bit more out but I’m not going to promise outside of that. Thanks for the understanding and hope you all have been having a great week!

-Jon Spencer


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update – Been Super Busy :(

  1. I’m definitely feeling the not enough time crunch right at the moment. I’m hoping in about a week to have things return to semi-normal levels of busy instead of insane running around and hoping things happen on time.

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