Anime ABC’s – B Voting Round

Nice And Easy:

Anime ABC’s “B” Voting Round <—- Be sure to vote!

Voting is open now (10/4/16) until 11:59 PM on 10/11/16.

Remember to encourage others to vote. You can do so by sharing this article, the above voting link, or by sharing my social media posts.

Thanks for voting!

What Is Anime ABC’s???

Anime ABC’s is a community event where any and all are welcome to vote on what anime I review next. We do this by cycling through the alphabet. Previously, we voted on an “A” anime which ended in a tie between Angle Beats! and Anohana. I ended up having to break the tie and reviewed Anohana. We had a pretty big turn out for voting last time, so I hope to see just as many voters this time around as well!

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