Quick Update 9/5/16

Hello Everybody!

Just wanted to make a quick update regarding some small changes made to the site and what’s been going on with me lately. I don’t have too much to say so it should be pretty quick.

First off, made minor changes to menus on the homepage for easier navigation. Added “Film Top Ten’s” and “TV Top Ten’s” in addition to reviews. This was done since I now have some and more may be made in the future. In addition to this, changed the primary menu categories to read as general terms such as “Film” or “TV.” Clicking the primary menu option will just show you reviews, or you can use the reviews option that shows up above the top ten options. If this doesn’t quite make sense, just take a look at the homepage and it will be fairly self-explanatory.

Other than that, I recently got some major recognition at work and I was also handed a very pressing last-minute project. This will have a slight impact on my availability for content creation for this week (9/5/16) and possibly even the next. However, given time, I will get some content out when possible. After this project is over, normal posting should resume. I’ll also be starting up university again, so that will take some time away from my activity here, but I don’t expect it to be much of a hindrance.

That’s it, hope everybody has a great week!

-Jon Spencer

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