Stardew Valley Review – I Just Can’t Stop Playing

Chucklefish Stikes Again!

Some of you may remember my look at Starbound not too long ago. I greatly enjoyed the title racking up over 40 hours in just over a week (that’s a lot for me). Having had such a wonderful time with that title, I decided to give the other Chucklefish game in my (grossly large) backlog a look. Stardew Valley is a Havest Moon like game that came out in Febuary 2016. Did it manage to capture my attention like their other title, or did it come up lacking? Continue reading “Stardew Valley Review – I Just Can’t Stop Playing”


Jacob’s Top 10 Science-Fiction Movies of the 80’s.

Science-Fiction is one of the most loved genres of the 80’s, and with the time I have tonight; I will give you my Top 10. Some of these movies you may wonder what happened to, (No spoilers) but it has been hard work to figure out the ones that stood out to me the most. I love 80’s movies, and have a fondness for science-fiction when it comes to that decade. Here they come now!

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Anime ABC’s – A is for Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day


The Very First Anime ABC’s Review!

79697lHaving first watched Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day about 2 years ago, I absolutely loved it. However, I wanted a fresh opinion on this one and gave it a rewatch. I really expected my enjoyment of the series to drastically decline and be left with just a moderate appreciation for Anohana by time I was done. Did my expectations match my feelings once I finished for the second time two years later? Let’s find out. Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – A is for Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day”

Update: Moving, Site Anniversary, and Odds & Ends

Hello Everybody!

I hope you are all having an excellent day. There’s been a lot going on lately so I wanted to let you guys know what was going on in case you missed it. To keep a bit more up to date with me consider following me on Twitter or over at Facebook (Twitter is a bit more active), otherwise, let’s get on with the news.

School Info

I just finished moving back to my University’s campus for my final year of school! I’ll be completing my marketing degree as well as continuing to work for the University and my own company. This means for the site that I’ll be a bit busy, but nothing too crazy (I hope!). Each term will be a light 12-14 credits but I must pass every class the first go. It’s do or die time, if I fail even one class I won’t graduate T.T which is obviously bad.

As for the work angle, I don’t anticipate this proving to be an issue for either school or the site. I’ll keep you guys up to date on any changes but please understand that there is a chance I may have to take breaks from the site throughout the year. I currently have no plans to do this, but plans often end up changing. For now though, all seems to be moving rather well.


This is what I’m really excited to talk about. As of yesterday, the site turned 1 year old! Exciting right? Can you believe I’ve been doing this for a whole year already? As a result, we have over 100 reviews and discussion pieces on the site between everybody who has ever worked here. That’s incredible!

It all started with my very first review of Last Exile. From there, we picked up (and lost) a few friends along the way. Jacob is probably who you all know best for his film reviews. He’s an aspiring film critic and his writing has really improved since he started doing stuff here. Consider giving his work a look. Of course there were some bumps along the way…

There were two times where I promised an article series and fell through on them. It really sucked, but at the end of the day, I learned my lesson and have since been on the up and up. In fact, I just recently launched a new series, Anime ABC’s. So far that has been very successful and I’m hard at work on it so we can keep it going.

Lastly, as we move forward into this new year, I hope the site can continue to grow and interact with all kind of interesting people. I have a buddy who is interested in doing some collaborative pieces and Dana is set to make a reappearance on the site. There is even more stuff planned for the future so I hope you’ll all stick with me and continue to make the community here awesome!

Quick Update on Content

Briefly wanted to mention that I’m currently rewatching Anohana. I just got settled at my place so haven’t had time before today to work on any new articles or watch the show. Should have it watched by the end of the week and a review for it late next week or so. A for other content, I’m playing that by ear, but I’ll likely get some things out between then.

That’s it for today folks.

-Jon Spencer

Anime ABC’s – The Results (A)

And The Winner Is….

It’s a tie! Anohana and Angle Beats! managed to each receive 14 votes. In cases of a tie like this I’ll just pick one. So the tie-breaker vote goes to Anohana. I’ve seen this one but would really like to give it a rewatch before reviewing it. Give me a week or two to watch and another week or so to write the review. Below you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of the votes. Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – The Results (A)”

Jacob’s Top Ten Pixar Films

Pixar is the animation studio of great, beautiful, and inventive movies that feel dated, yet still stand the test of time with hits like ‘Toy Story’ all the way to the most recent sequel ‘Finding Dory’ with Ellen DeGeneres. Pixar will always be a pioneer of the best animation and it is my duty to give you my picks for the top ten Pixar films of all time.

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‘Captain Fantastic’ Film Review

Grade: B-

Captain Fantastic Movie Poster

If there was a way to describe ‘Captain Fantastic’; Sundance’s pick of the year, it would be both funny and bittersweet. It has to be a light-hearted spectacle about it that separates it from dramas of the past while being a charming comedy. In fact, director Matt Ross has also written a script that delves into the adventures of being in the wild while Viggo Mortensen takes control as a father trying to teach his children the way of life. It is also believed to be a wonderful experience to sit through as the family in this film tries to connect after a tragedy affects their lives.

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Anime ABC’s – Announcement & Voting

Hello Everybody!

I’m very excited to be trying out something new. Every few weeks I’d like to do what I’m calling “Anime ABC’s” where you, yes YOU, get to vote on an anime that I’ll review in full, here on the site. We’ll be cycling through the alphabet so each time we’ll get something completely different. This time we’ll be focusing on anime that start with the letter “A” for either the English or Japanese title.

uncle-sam-i-want-you-to-voteHere’s where you come in. I need you to vote by clicking HERE on what anime I should review. I’ve made a list of every anime that starts with “A” that I’ve seen or own already. However, you can add your own suggestion. Be sure to read the instructions in the survey though so your vote counts. Voting begins TODAY and ends MONDAY (9/12/16). Anybody can vote and you can vote only once per device.

After voting has closed I’ll announce the results. From there I’ll either watch the show (if I haven’t already) or get stated on the review. If this goes well, we’ll do this every few weeks or so. What are you waiting for? VOTE!