‘XOXO’ Film Review

 Grade: F

XOXO Movie Poster

This film is horrible! I don’t know why I subjected myself to this piece of filth on my laptop, but something had to be written about it! I don’t think there is any other film that could take home the “Turd Prize” that ‘XOXO’ has taken. I also have to admit that this film is worse than last year’s ‘Fant4Stic’, and it is worse than all the other terrible movies that has come out this year, and may be worse than films that could come after it. There is no way that I can recommend this movie without it subjecting you to seek a therapist to rid yourself of the nightmare that ‘XOXO’ has brought upon the raving community.

It was definitely made for those who seek out a good EDM festival to rave at, and this society is full of young people who like to subject themselves to the amazing light shows and House Music that the DJ’s like to offer to the many fans of these festivals. I could say that after watching this abomination of a film, I will forever be skeptical about going to a rave. The stereotypes of taking hallucinogenic drugs at these kind of events are there; as well as the forced clichés of a teen drama.

I don’t really want to talk about this film, but as a critic whose duty is to inform of what’s good to watch, I might just have to tell you more. The film stars Graham Phillips as a popular YouTube sensation named Ethan Shaw, who wants to reach his goal of becoming a house DJ. The million hits he reaches with his song ‘All I Ever Wanted’ (That sounds original!) causes him to get an offer to perform at an EDM festival named ‘XOXO’, (Not related to ‘XOXO’ in Portland, Oregon.) where ravers seem to enjoy going. On the way there, he meets a cute couple named Shannie and Ray, (Hayley Kiyoko and Colin Woodell) who actually claim to be huge fans of his music. The bus that they take on the way to XOXO breaks down and they have to hitch on a hippie bus the rest of the way.

Once they reach those crowded lines, a lot seems to happen as they try to get themselves in; each their own way, as the couple goes into a sewer where we get to learn about them in the most horribly executed way possible, and Ethan tries to get himself backstage with a little trouble. As the frustration happens, we are also introduced to other characters that happen to be going: Ethan’s best friend/manager Tariq, (Brett DelBuono) who is fed up at working as a waiter at his father’s restaurant and ends up tripping out in what may be the most nonsense-filled acid trip I’ve seen in any movie yet; (‘Trainspotting’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’ don’t even have those kinds of drug-induced moments that make no sense.) Krystal, (Sarah Hyland) who is on the pursuit of a guy she met online; and a guy named Neil (Chris D’Elia), who is the best, most well-written character in this filth.

These characters have no development in them whatsoever, even if the lessons are learned by them in the end. I also cannot fathom why this film even exists in the first place, except to make a movie centered around this generation’s obsession with raving and House Music. If there is any way to describe ‘XOXO’, it is not only the worst film that Netflix has put out yet, but also the worst film of the summer and of the year.

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