‘Bad Moms’ Film Review.

Grade: F+

Bad Moms Movie Poster

I can’t believe I sat through this film. ‘Bad Moms’ is an overcharged, hyperactive comedy that brings on the jokes, but doesn’t deliver in writing and plot. The writers of this film could not even figure out which plot elements work and try a bit too hard for cheap laughs consisting of dick and sex jokes and the occasional mommy humor it likes to boast. The cinematography and directing style do not work here, for they mostly consist of slow-motion shots and wild zoom-in shots just to make for some humor that doesn’t really hit. I do appreciate ‘Bad Moms’ for the effort it’s putting with its jokes (Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Annie Mumolo get the most reactions here); but for a movie this horribly set-up and characters written this stupidly, I can’t even recommend paying the money to see it. I would say it’s worth seeing if you’re finding something to watch on DirecTV in the On-Demand section with your drunk buddies for a fun night. I guarantee you will get more laughs on a quick buzz than trying to sit through this in an auditorium.

The story centers on a stressed-out mom named Amy, (Mila Kunis) who spends most of her days working at a company run by her idiotic boss (Clark Duke), and going to PTA meetings run by the ruthless Gwendolyn James (Christina Applegate) at her children’s middle school where a very strict, yet stupid, bake sale is being held the following days. At the end of the day, she comes home to take care of her kids (Oona Laurence and Emjay Anthony) and deal with her childish husband (David Walton). One night, she discovers something that makes her want to run her life in the most dangerous way (kind of like ‘American Beauty’s Lester Burnham on speed.) and take charge. That’s when she runs into two other moms; the recently divorced Carla (Hahn), who is a sexed-up party animal, and the married housewife Kiki (Bell), who just wants to break out of watching her many children all the time. After a night of drinking, they decide to go all crazy and wreck a supermarket with so many customers looking on. (Sounds like comedic gold, right?) The rest of the film just shows them either partying or talking about sex for the most part; there are some good jokes that come out of their conversations, but oh, so few. For shame, because I really like the entire cast and expected much more from this film.

With a film like ‘Bad Moms’, I expected a lot of fun, and while some of the fun is there during the major party sequence, there seems to be more time that was wasted. There is also a plot that involves Amy trying to get back at Gwendolyn for something she did by running for PTA-president, which doesn’t really pay well. I do have to bring up Applegate’s character. As much as I love the actress, I could not stand the way her character was written. Not only was the motivation horribly written, but due to the fact that she’s the president of the PTA that swears in a middle school and does things that no other PTA president would do in real-life. You might be telling me it’s a comedy that I should not take seriously, but the truth is, that’s not always the case.

This is a film that tries to take itself seriously with a message involving the lengths it goes to be a perfect mother, but not always succeeding, which it tries to do a good, heartfelt job at doing. The problem is this film can’t even balance between being a comedy or a drama. I wasn’t sure of certain scenes where I was supposed to laugh. To its credit however, ‘Bad Moms’ does include a tender scene during the end credits featuring the mothers of the main cast, (including Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom.), but it’s one of the only good things about this movie. I came to party with these ladies, but ended up suffering through the silly behavior. I do wish it was much shorter, so I would have left sooner and went on with my night.

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