‘Sausage Party’ Film Review

Score: 4 out of 5



Be warned as you go into ‘Sausage Party’! There are a few major scenes near the end that will not only offend some, but also qualify as “Outrageous”; this warning comes from a guy who enjoys animated comedies such as ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut’, and the political satire that is ‘Team America: World Police. One of the major scenes that I won’t discuss is so outrageous in an over-the-top manner that it puts those two films and many other animated adult comedies to shame. Not even the X-rated ‘Fritz the Cat’ could raise the levels that ‘Sausage Party’ has raised. Another warning I have to explain for those parents on Facebook; ‘Sausage Party’ is rated R. A lot of people now know this with its overdone marketing trying to raise awareness, but this movie is a different type of R. It’s a ground-breaker for future animated movies to come.

The setting of ‘Sausage Party’ is in a grocery store named Shopwell’s where once geeky store opener/stock-boy Darren (Nasally voice of Paul Rudd) unlocks the doors, shoppers flock in and start flooding their carts with food items. As they do, the food starts singing a Disney-esque tune about how happy their lives are as they wait to go to a place called “The Great Beyond” outside the store, once they hit checkout (The song itself written by Alan Menken and Christopher Lennertz is especially kind of profane and filled with sexual lyrics). The intro also introduces us to two packages of buns and wieners (Get your minds out of the gutter!) who dream of getting laid once they reach outside; especially our two lovers, hot-dog Frank (voice of Seth Rogen), and suggestively-shaped hot dog bun Brenda (voice of Kristen Wiig, who probably saved her comedic energy that was lacking in the female-lead ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot for this movie).
In the world of ‘Sausage Party’, the humans are referred to as “Gods” by the various happy perishables and love them as if they were kind and gentle souls. However, once they reach their destination, the truth is finally revealed that humans chop them up and serve them for their hungry desires. It is a truth that Frank must discover when he and Brenda fall out of their designated shopping cart while he starts questioning his own existence. This leads them to team up with other food items: A bagel named Sammy Bagel Jr. (Voice of Edward Norton doing an amazing Woody Allen impression); a Pita bread named Lavash (Voice of David Krumholtz); and Teresa Taco (Voice of Salma Hayek), a very horny hard-shelled Taco from the Mexican food section who has some feelings for Brenda that she has a hard time disclosing, as they must make their way to the many aisles located in Shopwell’s to get back to their own aisles before the fourth of July sale happening the next day.
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have devised a well-written script with good jokes (Most coming from an evil Douche voiced by Nick Kroll), plenty of sexual dialogue and a scene involving weed being smoked out of a kazoo, but also serves as an allegory on religon, discovering your own existence, and diversity that ‘South Park’ tries to tackle in their episodes. The thing about ‘Sausage Party’ is that the points it comes across are not all-in-your-face as ‘The Invention of Lying’ with Ricky Gervais was; while that movie was just using its clever premise to force its anti-religion allegory on you, this movie doesn’t push its undertones regarding the subject, but instead lets the audience know its point of view in a tolerant way. ‘Sausage Party’ is offensive, but manages to provide subtle insight and commentary that is as close to reality as ‘BoJack Horseman’, and ‘South Park’. So if the movie doesn’t exactly make you laugh, at least the humor and heart are in the right place, and that’s what makes ‘Sausage Party’ a good comedy.

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