‘Goldfinger’ Classic Film Review.


Stars: 3.5 out of 5

Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) is by far one of my favorite Bond villains (and I still have plentgoldfingery of ‘James Bond’ movies to see in the franchise); he seems like a welcoming gentleman, but his plan for world domination is so diabolical, it actually leads to some quiet, suspenseful moments that hook you on the edge of your seat. Like the title song- sung by Shirley Bassey says “He loves only gold.”, and like Goldfinger’s assistant Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) tells British secret agent James Bond a.k.a 007 (Sean Connery) “He likes to win” during a scene where she helps Goldfinger cheat in a card game. The scenes that happen next include investigation, an arsenal of gadgets built into an Aston Martin vehicle, a sexy pilot named Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman, and don’t laugh; that is the character’s name), and Goldfinger’s love of gold.
Let’s focus on James Bond since he is the main star. We all know he is a spy working for British Intelligence; his favorite drink is a Martini (“shaken, not stirred); he’s witty, handsome, and knows his way around a world that’s trying to kill him (especially the women he tries to sweet talk.). I really like James Bond and find that the role may be Connery’s best of all the movies I’ve seen him in, yet this is the second ‘James Bond’ movie I’ve seen in all my years. I grew up shooting baddies while playing ‘Goldeneye’ on my Nintendo 64 and enjoyed every minute of it as the Pierce Brosnan incarnation of Bond when I was younger. Now that I’m older and understand film, I can truly appreciate the thrills and suspense that come with each installment.
I have to say that the effects of the 60’s don’t hold up. We still appreciate the gadgets and gizmos that were given to Bond by ‘M’ (Bernard Lee); but with bad green screen effects and the laughable lines and action, I’m just not sure about how a film like this would be accepted by today’s society. If you look at the first two ‘Star Wars’ movies, they don’t hold up today with the animatronics, especially Master Yoda. ‘Goldfinger’ is one of those movies that just can’t hold up, but it is still enjoyable for what it is: The third installment of the ‘James Bond’ franchise. ‘Goldfinger’ is tense and gives Bond the charm which makes him a likable character and well-loved hero.

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