Sushi Go! Review (And Sushi Go Party! Too)

I May Not be a Fan of Sushi, but I Love Sushi Go!

Back when I was celebrating my 4th of July, I had the opportunity to play a ton of board games with friends and family. We broke out many great games ranging from the ever popular Deception: Murder In Hong Kong to what I’ll be covering today:  Sushi Go!

Game Info

Player count:  2-5

Game Time:  About 15 minutes

Game Type:  Drafting & Set Collection

Coolstuff Price:  $9.99

Sushi Go! is a quick card game that has players attempting to create the best sushi dishes in order to score more points than their opponents. As cards are passed around the table, much like sushi going around on a conveyer belt, players must choose wisely from amongst what’s left. Sushi Go! makes for a great game for any group due to its easy to understand rules and fast play time.

How To Play

The game is played over the course of three rounds. Depending on the number of players, each person is dealt a hand of cards ranging from 10 to 7 cards, decreasing the total hand size by 1 for each added player. Once each player has their hand, play begins with each player picking one card and playing it face-down in front of them. Once each player has done this, the remaining cards are passed to the left and the chosen card is flipped face-up.

There are several types of cards in Sushi Go! including:  Maki Rolls, Tempura, Sashimi, Dumplings, Nigiri, Wasabi, Chopsticks, and Pudding. Each card scores differently and some sets can be harder to make than others. That being said, the harder the set, the bigger the payout.


Each card type in the game. The cards feature great art that have a fun flare about them.

Once all the cards are distributed for the round, scoring takes place. Maki Rolls gives 6 points to whoever got the most of them that round and 3 for second most, Tempura gives 5 points for every set of 2 (otherwise none), and Sashimi for a set of 3 nets you 10 points.

The other cards are a bit more interesting in how they score. Nigiri grants 1-3 points depending on the type, however, if paired with a wasabi that amount is tripled. Dumplings are only worth 1 point initially, but as more are collected they can become worth as much as 15 points (the most you can get from any set)! Lastly, pudding is the only other card that grants points. If you have the most of these at the end of the game, they give you 6 points. However, if at the end you are stuck with the least, you lose 6 points instead.

Once a round has concluded, a new hand of cards is dealt to each player and the process is repeated. After all 3 rounds have passed, the game is over and final scores are calculated by taking a cumulative score. The person with the most points created the best sushi dishes and is declared the winner.

Thoughts On Gameplay

The gameplay for Sushi Go! is a lot tighter and involved than it initially seems. You really need to pay attention to what your opponents are taking. It can be very easy to get caught up in what you want to take and miss somebody going for the 15 point dumpling set if you’re not careful.

Perhaps the biggest thing I like about Sushi Go! is that each game is interesting. This is the result of two things; the first being the chopsticks card and the second being what kinds of cards end up in each game. Chopsticks add an additional element to the game as they allow players to take 2 cards in a round instead of 1. However, the card requires some planning since you have to use it after the cards have been passed, not on the turn you take it. Additionally, while it can be extremely beneficial early in the game, the card is an old maid by the end of the round. It’s a worthless card and nothing is worse than being skunked with chopsticks while your opponents may be getting points at the end of the round.

While there are only a few card types in the game, there is a pretty decent variety of what cards you’ll see from game-to-game. All of the cards are shuffled at the start of the game, but only some of them will be used by the game’s end. In some games you may see only a few types of cards, while in others you may see a more even distribution. This uncertainty of what you’ll have from round to round keeps the game from feeling samey and stale.

Overall, Sushi Go! features solid gameplay that is easy to both teach and learn. The game works well with adults, as well as children as a direct result of its accessibility. Sushi Go! is also pretty quick which lends itself to seeing multiple plays or for being a nice filler between heavier games. The theme also comes across well too, which is always important.

Sushi Go Party! Vs Sushi Go!

I want to take a moment to compare the two versions of Sushi Go! The review so far has been for the original version, Sushi Go! which features less cards and supports fewer players. However, it’s cheaper and easier to travel with. Sushi Go Party! includes way more card types and goes up to an astonishing 8 players for a price point of $14.49. The box size is also much larger, so it’s not as easy to commute with.

gamewright-419Sushi Go Party! comes with everything in the base game and more. If you already know you are going to like the gam and don’t mind the bigger box size, pick that up instead. This version also comes with a scoring track board that is also used to display what rule set you are using in the game, which is a huge plus.

With all this being said, I haven’t had the chance to actually play this one too much or pick it up myself. I would recommend checking out Tom’s video below for more information if I wasn’t able to convince you.

Thanks again to Tom for letting me use his videos in my reviews!

When I first picked up Sushi Go! Party didn’t exist. I don’t regret owning the original, but given the choice to just own one, I’d choose Party! each time. Ultimately, both versions are nice to have as the game is fantastic and well worth the (honestly low) price. If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to check out Sushi Go!

Have you played Sushi Go! or Sushi Go Party! before? Let me know your thoughts on either game in the comments below. If you found this review helpful or interesting, be sure to let me know by leaving a like and consider checking out my other reviews too. As always, I recommend you use Coolstuff Inc for all your board game needs. They usually have the cheapest price and even have some harder to find games for sale. Until next time!

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