Why I Love… Hearthstone

Hearthstone Never Stops Being Fun

It’s true. It doesn’t; at least for me. While Overwatch has certainly captivated my attention for the past few weeks, its begun to loose a lot of the charm it once has. As a result, I’ve been playing Hearthstone more and more with some newfound appreciation. Hearthstone truly is one of my favorite video games of all time, and here’s why I love it so much.

I’ve always been pretty good at TCG/CCG games but I’ve never really gotten into any of them before. Thee was a time when I was younger that I dabbled in Yu-Gi-Oh! before moving onto Magic. However, I quickly grew tired with each game respectively. I often played the same people, using similar tactics, all while drawing from a very limited card pool. It was boring. Not to mention, I just never got into any of these games like others seemed to.

That is, until Hearthstone came out. I was SUPER excited for it. The weird part was that I didn’t even know why I was so excited for a card game produced by some company that I wasn’t even a big fan of to begin with. None the less, I applied to participate in the closed beta thinking I probably wouldn’t get the chance (but what could it hurt right?). A few weeks went by and I began consuming tons of Hearthstone content. I just couldn’t get enough. That’s when I found out I was accepted into the closed beta.

From then on out I spent countless hours playing Hearthstone. I quickly became one of the better players in the game as a result. As time went by, changes were made to the game that made card interactions more interesting or completely shook up the meta. I was having the time of my life with a game that many slammed as “random” and “too much like Magic.”

However, not everything was rosy with my time with Hearthstone. There was a time in the game’s life where I stopped having fun. The game got boring. I wanted to stop playing it forever almost, that’s how bad it got. Fortunately, before I had given up on the game a big expansion was announced! The first major expansion ever. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Since then, I have played the game nearly everyday.

With thousands of hours in the game, you could say I’m somewhat of a Hearthstone expert. That said, I don’t play the game professionally or even all that competitively. I mostly enjoy making gimmicky decks and having tons of fun in the game. The best part is seeing just how far I can take a silly deck on the competitive ladder (Rank 5 in case you were wondering). While I could easily play the game seriously and do far better, I find my time just having fun is the way to go with this game.

That’s why I love Hearthstone so much. It’s just fun. I know that the game has some problems and it can be hard for new players jumping into the game now, but I implore you to stick with it. The game is a great way to pass time when you have a few extra minutes, and it can be very rewarding when you finally pull off some crazy combo. If you are interested in checking the game out, more information can be found here.


What do you all think of Hearthstone? Fun game or simply just too unpredictable and boring? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this article, be sure to leave a like and consider sharing this with your friends. Lastly, I want to know, what’s your favorite Blizzard game and why?

3 thoughts on “Why I Love… Hearthstone

  1. Grindy. Thats what i would say about the game. I love it yes, but if you’re not competitive player then the game can be quite grindy as you just need to get packs and thats about it.

    Harder also for new players. While the game does help out a lot freebies for new players, they dont have any mode to help out the more casual players. Something like adventures but but not necessarily paid expansion to get cards. Just something like heroic challenges that you can use to fulfill quest.

    Being a blizzards game, the last few has been pure pvp. Where’s the pve love?

    I do hope that it becomes big enough for them to implement alternate play format such as pauper and the like.


    1. I can totally see where you are coming from. Some of your suggested changes would be interesting for Hearthstone, I like the idea of some PVE elements. They’ve had some coop brawls and some single player adventures that were kind of like that, which I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for commenting!


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