Changes to the Site

Hello Readers!

Let me first thank everybody who has been following my content. Whether you are a newer follower or a long-time reader, I really do appreciate the support. That being said, I need to address some things about the site. Lately, you may have noticed that I have been pretty inactive outside of posting Jacob’s contributor content. For this reason, I thought it was time to finally address what’s going on with the site and the necessary changes I will be making so that everybody can still be happy.


There will be multiple changes to how the site is run from this point forward. These changes include:

  • How contributor content is handled
  • Changes in content
  • Frequency of content

I will address each of these things individually but first a few general statements. As many of you know I’m a really busy guy. Life happens and I just can’t juggle everything at once all the time. It’s frankly exhausting and no fun for anybody involved. Now that my company is in full swing, especially since I work multiple jobs on top of this, as well as some other factors, have prompted these needed changes.

Contributor Content

I love having people help with the site. It helps me bring more content to you all and I absolutely love reading others thoughts and opinions on various topics. My goal has always been to be a platform for discussion on topics that I find interesting and fun, and by extension, I wanted others to be able to use this platform for their own benefit as well. If anybody ever wants to help out here all they have to do is contact me and we’ll discuss it. If you are curious, here is a look at the old contributor document which I plan to overhaul.

However, some changes are being made for how I manage contributor content that I want you guys to know about. First things first, WordPress has changed so that I can no longer see all of the contributor content that is submitted to me. I have no idea why, it’s very annoying but that’s the current reality. What this means is that  will not be personally editing or reviewing each article written by contributors before they are posted. This is not the case for new or non-established contributors, just for the people who have been here awhile and I know I can trust.

Additionally, this means you may actually see less contributor content since they have to manage the publishing on their own time. No longer am I managing it for them. Contributors are free to set their own release schedules and can stop uploading content at any time. Of course I ask that they notify me of their movements from time to time, but I’m not holding anybody to any schedule or quotas. Lastly, I am going through the process of determining who is an active and inactive contributor. Inactive contributors will loose their spot under the contributor tab, but their content will remain on the site.

Changes & Frequency of Content

The first big changes to content you will all notice is the discontinuation of several articles. The following is a comprehensive list of discontinued content:

  • Monthly Updates
  • What’s Jon Doing?
  • Thoughts On Terror In Resonance, Watanabe, & Contemporary World Issues
  • Key Anime Discussion

Monthly updates have been discontinued because nobody was reading them. If you guys like content and find it valuable you have to tell me either through likes or comments. Views help, but these weren’t getting any as is. Therefore, cut. They take time and effort that could be spent elsewhere.

Fate has also frowned upon ‘What’s Jon Doing?’ which was already on a trial bases. While this article series actually garnered views, it was maybe 1 or 2 a month. This took even more work than the updates but was fun for me. That being said, nobody seemed to enjoy them so it was discontinued.

As for the last two series, they were discontinued for a few reasons. The first is that too much time has passed since I set out to write them. I’m just not motivated or interested in continuing these pieces. I felt guilty working on anything else though because I knew they weren’t done. Discontinuing them lets me move on and lets you guys know that these projects just won’t be finished. I won’t be making this a habit though.

I still want to make content (obviously) so rather than try and stick to a strict upload schedule like I’ve tried in the past, I’m just going to write about what I want, when I want. It’s that simple. Before I was too concerned about what types of content went up and when. Well no longer, it was really holding me back and stifling my creativity. Lastly, I suspect my review/discussion format will change a bit.

Thanks For Understanding!

Until the next one,

-Jon Spencer


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