‘Ghostbusters’ Film Review.

Stars: 2 out of 5


Ghostbusters Movie PosterYep! Paul Feig’s female-lead reboot of the classic 80’s comedy ‘Ghostbusters’ is bad, but when we actually see the ghosts attack the streets of New York, it becomes one wild, adrenaline-pumping ride. As much as the reboot was not going to be as great as the original, I was actually looking forward to it, being the ‘Ghostbusters’ lover I call myself. After seeing this movie, I thought to myself on the walk home that maybe Dan Aykroyd was just so desperate to get ‘Ghostbusters III’ out of development hell, but decided to make role models for little girls who want to put on the proton packs themselves and be actual Ghostbusters.

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‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ Film Review.

Stars: 5 out of 5

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne now have to deal with a rising sorority with the help of Zac Efron, who used to be against them in ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’. Chloe Grace Moretz also brings out her bad girl side as leader of the sorority Kappa Nu and college freshman Shelby, who has a bad attitude and enjoys smoking weed on a daily basis. Her reason for starting a sorority is because she is tired of the rule that fraternities are the only Greek colleges that can party, smoke weed, and drink beer while having a good time in Selena Gomez’s character’s case.

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Sushi Go! Review (And Sushi Go Party! Too)

I May Not be a Fan of Sushi, but I Love Sushi Go!

Back when I was celebrating my 4th of July, I had the opportunity to play a ton of board games with friends and family. We broke out many great games ranging from the ever popular Deception: Murder In Hong Kong to what I’ll be covering today:  Sushi Go!

Game Info

Player count:  2-5

Game Time:  About 15 minutes

Game Type:  Drafting & Set Collection

Coolstuff Price:  $9.99

Sushi Go! is a quick card game that has players attempting to create the best sushi dishes in order to score more points than their opponents. As cards are passed around the table, much like sushi going around on a conveyer belt, players must choose wisely from amongst what’s left. Sushi Go! makes for a great game for any group due to its easy to understand rules and fast play time. Continue reading “Sushi Go! Review (And Sushi Go Party! Too)”

Why I Love… Hearthstone

Hearthstone Never Stops Being Fun

It’s true. It doesn’t; at least for me. While Overwatch has certainly captivated my attention for the past few weeks, its begun to loose a lot of the charm it once has. As a result, I’ve been playing Hearthstone more and more with some newfound appreciation. Hearthstone truly is one of my favorite video games of all time, and here’s why I love it so much. Continue reading “Why I Love… Hearthstone”

Changes to the Site

Hello Readers!

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Thoughts on the Spring 2016 Anime Season

Hey There!

I shockingly watched a few things from the Spring 2016 anime line-up and thought this quick look at each show that caught my interest might be fun to do. This article will look at all the shows I watched and any shows that have caught my interest, but haven’t started/finished yet for whatever reason. Shows will be discussed in no real particular order and their may be minor spoilers. I wouldn’t expect this sort of thing each season either. With that, let’s get into it! Continue reading “Thoughts on the Spring 2016 Anime Season”