‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Film Review.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

ho00002960The island where the birds in ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ (based on the ever-so-famous mobile app that received 1 billion downloads and was played in high schools back in the early 2010’s) reside is as colorful as all the characters themselves. The animation is exceptionally beautiful to look at and very impressive despite its cartoon nature; yet the film is not only pun-and-soundtrack heavy, it comes off as gross and more catering to child audiences (a lot of children were cracking up while watching this beautiful movie).
I admit that I laughed during a scene where Red (Voice of Jason Sudeikis), the cardinal with a huge temper problem and star/mascot of the games themselves, reacts to a doctor birds’ tapping of his knee with a slap to the face. I especially adore how its major action sequence involving the birds, the pigs, and a huge slingshot was adrenaline-pumping and very rewarding to fans of ‘Angry Birds.’ Its story even gives the characters more depth and takes time to be a movie while also trying to be a comedy. There are also a couple good jokes and many attempts at pointing out its own flaw at character cliches.

The game itself was popular enough to spawn so much merchandise that everyone figured a movie would eventually be made. The story of the game is simple: Birds discover their eggs being stolen by some green pigs and the player has to slingshot the playable birds to make those mischievous porkers disappear. The movie involves Red, who has to go to anger management therapy after a mishap involving a “Hatchday” party. There he takes a class led by the crazy Matilda (Voice of Maya Rudolph) where he meets hyper speed-machine Chuck (Voice of Olaf the snowman himself, Josh Gad); a sensitive blackbird named Bomb (Voice of Danny McBride), who literally explodes whenever he gets surprised or upset; and grunting giant Terence (Voice of Sean Penn).
The thing about Red is that he likes to be alone, and he doesn’t take kindly to any bird that crosses his path, especially to the judge (Voice of Keegan-Michael Key), who sentences him to anger management. Everything is like a trigger to Red. His life changes one day at his session when a boatload of pigs led by the bearded Leonard (Voice of Bill Hader), who with his crew of green porkers, tries to win everyone’s hearts with gifts. But Red senses something amiss with the piggies when he discovers them stealing the birds’ eggs. Off to the plot of the game we go!
Like Chuck himself, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ is fast-paced, beautifully-animated, with near-perfect voice casting. Side Note: Peter Dinklage also joins the cast as the legendary Mighty Eagle, who to the birds’ and our surprise is not all that is cracked up to be. I don’t consider ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ to be a top-ranking animated movie along with this year’s ‘Zootopia’ and it may not be great compared to ‘Ratchet & Clank’ in the video game department. But I give the film props for having the potential to be good.

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