What’s Jon Doing? June 2016

Hope Everybody Doing Well!

This is the second ‘What’s Jon Doing?’ article

I didn’t receive any feedback on last month’s ‘What’s Jon Doing?’ so if I don’t get any this month I’ll be scrapping the idea altogether. I don’t mind doing this and as you may have noticed, I updated last month’s article nearly every other day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to let me know if you enjoy this sort of thing or not. With that, let’s get this thing started!

Stuff I Bought

Probably won’t be buying much else this month. This was a big one timer I think. I got a lot of anime this time. I wanted to take advantage of some sales and a coupon I had. Next month I’ll probably get a board game or two since I haven’t been buying them as much. Here’s what I got:

These are the titles I bought for myself anyway. Let’s do the break down for each item real fast. Tiger & Bunny interests me greatly as a marketing major, When They Cry Kai was a no brainer since I own the original Funimation copy of season 1, Beck (Chop Squad) has been on the list forever, Level E was a blind buy based on a solid recommendation, Michiko and Hatchin have heard great things, Pani Poni Dash! comes highly recommended to me, Space Dandy Season 2 because I own season 1 and love the show, Yuriuma for the director (show’s kind of meh compared to his other work but not bad), Wixoss Season 2 because I own the first, The Boy and the Beast due to the director, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Collector’s Edition just for the Blu-ray and digital copy (own the original LE set w/soundtrack), and lastly the PSYCHO-PASS movie since it ought to be amazing.

I might come back through here later and leave some cool videos or other interesting things concerning these titles depending on how I feel. Either way, I got a LOT of anime this go around. However, that’s NOT EVEN EVERYTHNIG since I picked up some for a friend. His stuff includes:

He would get more but that’s all he wanted according to him. Righstuf has been outdoing themselves with sales lately and boy is it impressive. If you’ve never checked them out you really should. Click any of the titles purchased to check out the site.

Shows I’m Watching

6/2/16 Watched episodes 14-15 of Shirobako. Really enjoy it.

6/3/16 A few episodes of Shirobako (up to episode 17 now). Also started America’s Got Talent, or AGT for short. *Edit* Forgot that I also watched the first episode of The Magicians. Need to see some more of that as it’s an interesting premise.

6/4/16 Watched the next episode of Sakamoto and almost got caught up with High School Fleet. Other than that, finished Jimmy Neutron and started watching House.

6/6/16 Watched the first episode of Wandering Son. Since it’s LGBT month and I was already interested in the show, I thought it’d be good timing to start it.

6/7/16 Watched some more AGT and the next episode of Hunter X Hunter on Adult Swim.

6/8/16 Watched up to episode 21 of Shirobako. This show has been fantastic, really enjoying my time with it. Kept going with The Magicians, however, the second episode was kind of “meh” for me. I’ll give it one more but might drop this one. I like the bad guy, and pretty much hate everybody else (that’s an issue).

6/10/16 Finished Shirobako and watched episode 2 of Wandering Son. Ultimately Shirobako was a fun show with only a few flaws. I really enjoyed learning about the industry through its medium. Solid 9/10 for me.

6/11/16 Am current with Sakamoto, High School Fleet, Luluco and Lost Village. Each of these shows has been pretty interesting in their own ways. Started watching 11.22.63 and was blown away with how good it actually is only 2 episodes in. I have a few issues with it though, but nothing too serious. Lastly, watched a bit of Psyche.

6/13/16 Started Your Lie in April and got through the first 3 episodes. It’s needless to say, but I think it’s pretty great. The blu-rays were well worth it.

6/14/16 Reached the half-way point for Your Lie in April and loving it. Dropped The Magicians at episode 3. It has a really interesting premise but squanders it on petty characters and (mostly) dumb writing. Lastly, watched AGT.

6/16/16 Finished Your Lie in April. Was really good. One of those 10/10 shows for me.

6/17/16 Watched up to episode 6 of Kids on the Slope. The show became a little shaky in these episodes. The first 4 were very strong though. Also got up to episode 6 of Konsuba with my buddy. It’s enjoyable.

6/18/19 I watched so much stuff. Am current with High School Fleet and Sakamoto. Finished The Lost Village, which is a 6/10 for me. It was a fun show but it was also pretty silly at the same time for a “serious” show. Got a bit further into 11.22.63 before having to stop at 3 (watching with folks) and watched a good 6 or so episodes of Psyche. Lastly, fit some RWBY in too, but not sure where I left off.

6/21/16 Watched the third episode of Wandering Son. I enjoy this show so far. Also got up to episode 20 of Tiger & Bunny.

6/24/16 Watched episode 4 of Wandering Son.

6/25/16 Current with Sakamoto. Finished High School Fleet (5/10) and Luluco (9/10). Also watched House, 11.22.63, We Bear Bears, 2 episodes of Planetes, and 2 episodes of D-Frag.

6/26/16 Finished Tiger & Bunny (8/10) and watched some more House.

6/27/16 Watched up to episode 7 of Wandering Son and caught up with AGT.

6/28/16 Current with AGT and watched episode 8 of Wandering Son.

6/29/16 Watched the first 12 episodes of Gurren Lagann.

This list is up to date as of 6/29/16

Games I’m Playing (Board, Card, and Video)

Mostly Overwatch. I’ve pretty much been playing just that outside of an occasional Hearthstone game.

The moth is now over half over. Overwatch has consumed my life and being. There is no solace in another game. Overwatch has become my life. Please… forgive me. Haha, in all seriousness though. I’ve really been into the game and that’s pretty much where all my video game time goes to.

That’s It!

Shorter than last month’s, but it’s sure to grow by the end of the month. Remember let me know what you think of this kind of article and if you want me to keep doing them. Be sure to check it regularly as I do update as often as possible.

-Jon Spence

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