Monthly Update: May 2016

Hello Everybody!

Sure feels like I’ve been away from this forever almost. I’ve been dealing a lot with work and school, but we’ll get into that a bit more in a second. April was a slow month for us, but we still managed to get some reviews out there thanks to Jacob. He’s been a great help so be sure to let him know you appreciate his hard work!

April Thoughts

Like I said, April was entirely Jacob’s month. I didn’t get anything out for you guys 😦 which is disappointing to say the least. You may be asking, “Jon, where have you been?” This is a fair question that I want to address.

As some of you may know, have another job that involves starting up a company. Our goal is to take a product (or in our case products) from conception to launch within a ten week period. We already are in talks with Whole Foods and yoFo u can expect to see our products on the shelves by summer. It’s an amazing opportunity, but it’s a HUGE time sink. I had planned on writing about it, but at the moment it’s very secretive so I can’t really say much else.

Other than that, I’ve also been working hard on my school work. Classes are boring this term but involve a lot of work. Ironically, for one class I even have to manage a blog. However, it’s incredibly dull and pretty uninspired stuff. If there’s a lot of interest for it (for some reason) I’ll move it over to here. Topics discussed are email ad campaigns, social media in advertising, and other such similar topics.

Plans For The Month

I have some plans for this moth! That being said, things will still be slow for the next two months as I mentioned in last month’s update. To compensate for that, I’ll be starting a new monthly segment sometime this week or next. In this segment I will show you guys what anime, board games, or other site related stuff I bough for the month and why. To boot, I’ll also be tracking what I’ve watched and played on the site for you guys as well.

The plan so far is to make a post similar to this one but continually update it as the month goes on. If anybody has any ideas for this that are easy to implement I’m all ears! Hopefully, this will fill the void when I’m unable to produce content regularly like I would like to.

That’s it for this month! Stay awesome everybody.

-Jon Spencer


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