‘Zootopia’ Film Review.

Score: 5 out of 5 Stars
This is film review 7
zootopia_ver3Imagine a world where animals live together in peace and harmony. Not to mention, they also walk, talk, and act like humans 24/7. In the city of Zootopia, these animals do just that. Disney is no stranger to anthropomorphism with films like ‘Robin Hood’ (where a fox plays the title character), and ‘Chicken Little’. ‘Zootopia’ is the 3rd Disney movie with anthropomorphic animals that doesn’t show a single human; but in a world full of animals, no human should be expected.

According to the intro, life hasn’t always been that way for predator and prey. Until the animals evolved to the point where they decided to get along and live in harmony; that is how the city of Zootopia came to be. It is a city where the mayor is a lion (and also voiced by J.K. Simmons), and sloths work at a DMV in a funny, yet overdrawn joke of a scene later on in the film. It is also a place where young bunny, Judy Hopps (Voice of Ginnifer Goodwin), moves to be a part of the police force; it is a job she has always dreamed of having ever since she was little. The controversial thing about Hopps is that she is the first bunny cop, so the residents of Zootopia are not sure what to think of her. Her boss, a cape buffalo named Chief Bogo (Voice of Idris Elba), even sets her up as parking duty for the first task. Hopps does get the chance to prove them wrong when she decides to take on a missing animal case that leads her to team up with con artist fox, Nick Wilde (Voice of Jason Bateman), in order to solve the case.
With the path it’s taking, ‘Zootopia’ seems like it could go the cliche enemies-become-friends route with Judy having a bad past with a fox and having to team up with a fox. However, the movie decides to bring up issues on race and gender equality that seem relevant today, and the way ‘Zootopia’ handles these issues are perfect for a film like this. Along with its issues on stereotyping, ‘Zootopia’ has plenty of jokes and references for adults and fans of Disney to enjoy. It’s pretty obvious, but one joke involves Alan Tudyk voicing a weasel named Duke Weaselton, a reference to the Duke of Weselton from ‘Frozen’, a character Tudyk also voiced.
A short review this may be, but there’s not much I can say about ‘Zootopia’. It is one of Disney’s greatest films and by far the best film I’ve seen of the year.

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