Machi Koro Review


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Having gotten much enjoyment from various city building and city management games, when I heard of Machi Koro I was intrigued to say the least. Machi Koro is a game for 2-4 published by IDW games. The game has players build up their own individual cities (comprised of cards) in order to be the first player to build all four landmark cards. This is a review of only the base game of Machi Koro, though it should be noted it has a few expansions that I’ll link to at the end.

How To Play

Rather than type out all of the rules, albeit they aren’t complicated, I’ll let Rodney Smith from Watch It Played explain the rules again. A big thanks for him allowing me to use his videos for my various reviews!

That’s it! The game is pretty simple and plays pretty quickly. As Rodney mentioned, he has a full play through of a game of Machi Koro on his channel, Watch It Played, which I encourage anybody to check out.


Machi Koro is largely composed of cards. The cards are fairly durable, and since you won’t be shuffling them ever, don’t need to be sleeved. Other than that, the game comes with two different colored dice , some tokens, and the game box. With just the base game, Machi Koro’s game box is far too large for what’s inside. However, if you plan on picking up expansions it will easily house all of them with room to spare.

Thoughts On Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. Each player rolls the die (or dice) on their turn and maybe purchases a card. This keeps the game simple and prevents it from becoming potentially convoluted. My biggest gripe with the game is that when it’s not your turn, you really don’t have that much to do. Although there isn’t much to do on other people’s turns, the turns are so short that it’s not really too big of a deal. I’ve played the game a good number of times and there is no clear “best” strategy, this is especially true once expansions are introduced (for those who may have wondered).

Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

Ultimately, this game gives me Monopoly vibes with a nice city building theme. If you have a copy of Monopoly, I’d throw it out and replace it with this. It genuinely gives the same feeling in a more streamlined, time effective, and fun way that Monopoly just can’t achieve. The best part, friendships won’t be ruined by this game anytime soon either.

This game easily lived up to its hype for me and comes highly recommended to anyone. Machi Koro is best for families or gamers less familiar with the hobby, but still manages to make a splash with even the most hardened veterans of board games.

Machi Koro is available at for $19.99. The site also has each of the two expansions for $12.99 each (Harbor & Millionaire’s Row), but I would recommend getting the Deluxe edition of the game (which includes all expansions and some extras) for those who don’t already own the base game. The Deluxe edition costs $32.99 and is a more than fair price. Of course, you can find this game at other sites such as Amazon if that would suit you better, but expect to pay a bit more. Lastly, this game has cropped up in some brick-and-mortar stores as well.


Have you played Machi Koro before? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let myself and others know in the comments below! Be sure to be on the look out for more content or consider subscribing to my site to stay updated on all the latest happenings here.

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