Hearts of Attraction Review


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Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I thought I’d take a look at this small dexterity game for 2-5 people that uses magnets. It’s simple to play and make for a good time for couples or a small group of friends. Hearts of Attraction is based on the original Attraction game, the only difference being heart shaped pieces. With that said, let’s see what this game is all about.

How To Play

Players begin by placing the heart shaped magnets on a smooth and flat surface (like a table). The magnets should be placed so that none are touching, and they shouldn’t be too consolidated either. From here, each player takes one magnet to use as their “shooter” piece. Play is then ready to begin.

Taking turns, players take their shooter and do one of 3 things in order to collect as many magnets as possible. The first option they have is to toss the shooter from below the table edge. The second option is to push the shooter from the edge, and the third option is to flick the shooter from the edge. The shooter will then (hopefully) connect with other magnets on the table which the player will pick up and keep for themselves.

If more than one pile is created from shooting, the player decides which pile to keep. Additionally, if no magnets are collected, the magnet is left on the table. However, players are never allowed to have less than one magnet. In this event, simply pick up a new shooter from the table. The last rule regards magnets that fall off the table (which is bound to happen). If a player catches it using a magnet in one hand only, then that player made add the fallen magnet to their collection. 

Play continues in this fashion until all magnets are collected. The player with the most magnets is declared the winner. That’s how you play this game. It’s nice and simple, but a lot of fun.


There really isn’t a lot to say here. The game comes with several heart shaped magnets, a box, and a bag to place the pieces in. I recommend getting rid of the storage box and just using the bag personally. Otherwise, the magnets are high quality and don’t seem to gain any wear even after several dozen plays.

Thoughts On Gameplay

The game plays quickly, usually lasting about 10 minutes or so. This length is on par for this type of game. No complaints here.

Each magnet has polarity (as expected) which makes for some crazy moments while playing. They slide well and feel good in the hands without being cumbersome as you play. Shooting the magnets is pretty easy, but tossing them is the least effective method of magnet collection from my experience. Catching the magnets is probably the hardest part, since you have to do it with other magnets, and can’t use your hand. This means that if you have more magnets, you’re more likely to legally catch one.

I have no complaints on the gameplay. It works equally well as a free-for-all game or for teams of 2. Whether you are playing with a few friends, or as a quick time killer on couple’s date night, this game is sure to be a good time.

Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

I’d recommend this game to petty much anybody. This version in particular is great for couples because of the heart shaped pieces. If the hearts are a turnoff there is the regular edition of Attraction which features more square like pieces, but I personally prefer the hearts.

Hearts of Attraction is available online from various retailers. I’d personally recommend getting this one from Coolstuffinc for $15.99, but it’s currently out of stock (2/11/16). You can grab this at Amazon for about $19.99 if you aren’t willing to wait though.


Have you played either Attractions before? Tell me what you think about the game in the comments below. Also, what other games do you recommend folks for this Valentine’s season? If you enjoyed this, leave a like and consider following.

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