Key Anime Discussion: Overview – EDITED


This article series has been discontinued

The big 3 Key shows

I’m pretty excited to start this series up for everybody. This will be an article series discussing and reviewing the big 3 romance Key romance anime adaptations. These series being:  Air TV, Kanon (2006) [and sort of 2002], Clannad + Afterstory. Each show will get its own focused article which will discuss the series in detail, as well as acting as a review for the series each article focuses on. With that, let’s get into exactly how this will all work.

Why These 3 Shows?

For many anime fans, these three shows are cornerstones in the romance visual novel adaptation shows. Key primarily produces these shows in conjunction with Kyoto Animation, boasting a decent library that is more than just Air Tv, Kanon, and Clannad. Most notably, Angle Beats! and Little Busters. Although these series are also worth discussing at some point, they will not be included in this article series.

Angle Beats! will not be discussed because the anime adaptation aired before the visual novel was finished. In addition to this, A-1 Pictures handled the animation and not Kyoto studios. For this article series I am only focusing on Key and Kyoto collaborations, thus disqualifying Angle Beats! for discussion outside of this overview. Also, their is rumor floating around that the series will be getting some kind of second season or remake later this year or next.

As for Little Busters, it came out several years later in 2012, which was a significant break after how closely the big 3 were released. Little Busters also has multiple seasons and gives off a completely different vibe than that of the big 3. To top it off, I also have yet to see Little Busters in any capacity.

The big 3 make up what I, and many consider, a trinity of series each sharing several similarities, while bringing their own unique flavor to the table. This is the biggest reason for the focus on these three shows. I will likely take a look at the other Key shows in the future.

Article Contents & Release Schedule

Each article will contain an in-depth discussion for the anime that article focuses on. The first article will be the foundation for future articles, as each will build upon the previous. This will lead to comparing and contrasting all three series by the end of the article series. There may be minor spoilers for each series, but I will label them as needed.

For each show, the article will primarily focus on discussion and not follow my traditional “shorter form” review format. Since these articles are meant to be in a longer format, information will be presented differently. A score and recommendation will be given at the end of each discussion, with additional information as usual.

Articles will be released in the order that I think each show, as well as each article, should be viewed. For now, that’s a secret, but articles should be read in the same order that they are released as well. The first article should release soon after this one, with others following as they are ready. I may decide to break Clannad and Afterstory into separate articles, but at the time of writing, I’m not sure if that will happen or not yet.

Final Thoughts

Discussion of the big 3 Key shows is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. This only recently became a possibility when I finished the final one (Kanon 2006) a short while back. I also wanted to hold off on this series until it got closer to February, because what better time to look at romance shows than this?

With that being said, I’ll see you all back here for the first installment of this article series. I hope you’ll enjoy them even half as much as I enjoyed making them for you!


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