Montly Update: February 2016

Hello Everybody!

Hope everybody is doing well and had an excellent first month of 2016! Last month I said I’d be switching these updates over to a monthly format, as well as changing up some other stuff in terms of how the site is run. Let’s see how that all went and what the plans for February are.

Thoughts On Changes

It looks like the changes I implemented last month were a good idea. The biggest change was eliminating the weekly update. The reason behind this was that they were time consuming to write, and people weren’t really reading them in comparison to everything else. This was time I could have been using to write articles and do other work, so I changed it to a monthly format.

With this format, information will still be delivered to readers (I think this is really important), as well as freeing up time to work on more stuff. I plan to keep the monthly update pinned to the front page of the site for the first 2 weeks of the month before unpinning it. This way, it’s visible for about half the month and moved out of the way of other content that’s newer when it’s less relevant.

In addition to this change, I also placed a soft limit of 2 articles for myself per month. As I suspected, I did a bit more than that, but I’m happy with leaving things the way they are in that regard. I will continue to promise 2 articles per month, but I’ll likely do a bit more than that.

Not only do I personally feel these changes were successful, the statistics gathered by the site also back that up. We had near record traffic this month, only being beat out from the anomalous first two months of the site’s creation. Let’s continue to keep up the great work together! 

Happenings From January

I was pretty busy for you guys in January. Not only did I produce some articles for you, but I talked with several different people about joining us here. As you may have seen, I was successful in recruiting some members, with more to come! With that being said, let’s take a look at everything that came out.

I started the month out with a review of Persona 4 The Animation and didn’t do much for awhile after that. During this time I was in talks with folks to come aboard here. First we had Meghan come on and then Patrick. Be sure to check out their introductions and say hi. I didn’t want to disappoint my board game fans, so I took a look at a game I was super excited to talk about, Deception: Murder In Hong Kong. I made some changes to my review format there, so be sure to check it out! Lastly, I started a series about Terror in Resonance, which will be continued later.

As I bring people on to help out with the site, be sure to let them know that you like what they are doing! Each person brings their own unique style to the mix and expands the number of thoughts and opinions here at Jon Spencer Reviews. I’m really looking forward to what everyone will be doing, and I hope all of you are too!

Contributors will aim to create at least one thing a month for the site. I prepared a contributor guideline document which can be read here if anybody is interested. If you’d like to be a contributor, send me an email at I’m always looking for people who want to help out here, even if it’s a one time deal, so don’t be afraid to contact me!

Outside of the site I kept busy with work and school like always. School varies in terms of how busy I am, which is not surprising. I had a fun time chaperoning a youth lock-in, but would have loved to have gotten some sleep while I was running it. Other than that, there really wasn’t anything too eventful this month that wasn’t site related.

Plans For The Month

I have quite a bit planned for you all this month! I’ll be starting a new article series this month. Each article takes quite some time to write though, so I may not finish it this month like I had originally hoped. The overview and part 1 should be completed for sure though. Given time, I will likely also continue the Terror In Resonance article, that’s going to take a backseat for at least the first week however. I’ll have at least one board game review this month as well.

Contributors will be doing their thing, but I’m not sure what everybody is thinking yet, so it’ll be a surprise. I’ll have another contributor announcement soon as well, so look forward to that!

I have some other exciting things planned as well, but I don’t want to announce them quite yet. Just keep an eye out. I’ll be a bit busier with school since tests will be going on this month, but nothing too major.

Thanks & Closing Thoughts

A big thanks to everybody who has supported, and continues to support this site! You guys are really fantastic and I hope you’ll stick with me as we continue to grow and better ourselves. That’s it for this month’s update, so be sure to have an excellent month!

-Jon Spencer

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