The Madoka Magica “Gravy Party” Experience


I recently hosted a party where we all got together with a ton of food and watched Madoka Magica and Rebellion. It was a pretty fantastic time, so I thought I’d share how I set up the event, ran it, and how I think it turned out. Thought it would be interesting to share if nothing else, and it might even be useful for those of you looking to do something similar. Continue reading

‘Hail, Caesar!’ Film Review.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

This is film review 5

hail-caesar-posterJosh Brolin, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and an all-star cast in a Coen Brothers movie sounds genius. I mean, the Coen Brothers are the guys who brought us ‘Raising Arizona’, ‘Fargo’, and ‘The Big Lebowski’, so they seem like they have hit the jackpot with ‘Hail, Caesar!’, right? According to my scale and what I thought about it, it’s average with hints of goodness, but it’s not quite there in terms of greatness. Continue reading

Offically Back… Mostly

I’m Back!

Just a quick update letting everybody know that I am officially back from my break. I have recovered my grade, but will still be taking it a bit easier for the rest of the term. School and my actual jobs come first, so I hope you can all understand. I have a few things coming your way still this month and should be back in full swing once the term is up as well though!

-Jon Spencer

Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!!!!

Hey All! It’s that time of the year again! Time to strut down the street blasting “Single Ladies” from your pocket speaker to let everyone know you’re happy being single! Or conversely, if you’ve been dying to ask that special someone to be your significant other then it’s the perfect time! On behalf of the single community, you’ve got our support (unless the person you’re pining over is a jerk, in which case Honey, you deserve better 😉 ). And for all you romantically involved peeps out there, I hope today’s special in some way or another, and best of luck with reservations!

Finally, to everyone, single or not, whether you’re going out or staying in, it’s a holiday! Take advantage of it to de-stress a little :). And as always, stay safe All.

Have a Lovely Valentines Day,

-Dana Scarr

Hearts of Attraction Review


This is board game review 9

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I thought I’d take a look at this small dexterity game for 2-5 people that uses magnets. It’s simple to play and make for a good time for couples or a small group of friends. Hearts of Attraction is based on the original Attraction game, the only difference being heart shaped pieces. With that said, let’s see what this game is all about. Continue reading

Site Update: Jon’s Setback


Sorry guys, but I have to take a step back from the site for a little while. I WILL BE BACK, however, due to recent events regarding my course work, I need to spend more time on that over this. I’m not doing poorly at school, but I am at risk of possibly not passing one of my courses. Therefore, for the remainder of this month, and part of next month, don’t expect me to be very active personally. I might post something during this time period, but don’t expect anything.

School must come first for me. I simply cannot afford to be at risk of failing, let alone actually fail a course. This term has ended up being more stressful than I had imagined, and unfortunately the site is going to take a bit of a hit for it. I’m disappointed with the situation, but that’s just the reality.

I realize that this comes at a poor time since I have 2 series running the moment. Those being the Terror in Resonance and Key anime articles. I would like to apologize for having to delay any content regarding these two series. These series are officially on hold until further notice, but I do plan on completing them. I’ve already done bits and pieces of them in terms of writing, but have them fully planned out, so I won’t be dropping them.

In addition to this, the site has been doing very well lately and I didn’t want to slow down our momentum here. However, it seems inevitable. I hope that everybody will be understanding on this matter and continue to support me and everybody else here at Jon Spencer Reviews. While my absence isn’t great, there is some good news.

I had a planned board game review for this week (2/7/16-2/14/16) which will still go up, likely tomorrow (2/11/16). Again, do not expect any new content from me personally for at least a few weeks. A thousand apologies. On a positive note, contributors are unaffected by this and should still be producing content as planned.

Again, my apologies.

-Jon Spencer

‘Room’ Film Review.

Score: 5 out of 5 stars

This is film review 4

room_posterOut of all the ‘Best Picture’ nominees of this coming Oscar season (which I’m very excited to see with my friends very soon at the amazing Pix Theatre), ‘Room’ is my pick for the top ranking by far. I didn’t see ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, and I am waiting to see ‘Brooklyn’ hopefully soon. No other film in this category has captivated me more than this movie. ‘The Revenant’ was an intense look at a man fighting the elements; ‘The Martian’ proved that Matt Damon can enjoy life; ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Spotlight’ almost put me to sleep; but both stories felt real and had clever writing with two very different tones, with ‘The Big Short’ being comedic and ‘Spotlight’ showing us a world of shock; while ‘Bridge of Spies’ didn’t impress me much, but ‘Room’ is something special.

For the first half, ‘Room’ takes place in a secluded shed owned by a creepy man called “Old Nick” (Sean Bridgers), where Joy (Brie Larson in her first Oscar-nominated role) does her best to stay positive with her recently-turned five-year-old curious son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay, in an Oscar-worthy performance snubbed/forgotten by The Academy). Joy and Jack have been held captive by Old Nick for years. Joy was kidnapped at age 17, while her son was born in that shed and only has been taught knowledge of the shed and not the world. During this half, he is bound to ask questions which makes him disbelieve his mother’s stories about the outside world. Continue reading