Site Update & Important Info

How’s Everybody Doing?

I hope everybody had an excellent New Year’s Eve and is ready for the rest of the year to come in 2016. I’m looking forward to continue producing content on my site for you all but there are some changes I’m going to implement starting this month. Although there will be changes, for the most part things will run like they have been.

What’s Changing? 

The first change I’m making is to scrap “Plans For The Week.” It’s not because I don’t like doing them, they just became a bit too tedious and got in the way of actual content. So instead, I’ll do a monthly update which will essentially be the same thing but at the start of each month.

Secondly, I am guaranteeing one post (excluding the update) at minimum from myself per a month. My contributor, Dana, should be on board for this as well. We are both students so there are times where we just can’t do more than this but this won’t be any problem. In addition to this, I’m placing a soft limit of 4 posts (excluding the update) per a month from myself. I may go past 4 posts, but don’t expect that very often.

These small changes in how often I produce content will hopefully allow me to produce higher quality content and not feel like I need to rush to get whatever articles I’m doing done. Naturally, I may change these two new policies around later in the year but I think this will work well for everybody.

What?!? Only SOME Articles…?

While I realize that the potential decrease in article frequency may be disappointing, there will be at least 2 a month plus the update. Ideally, I’ll try and get out one thing per week, but I do work and go to school so sometimes that just won’t be possible.

With that being said, if anybody is interested in contributing to the site or doing a promotional/collab piece with me I’m more than happy to consider it. Feel free to contact me if that interests you. Contact info here.

Plans For The Month

I have 2 articles planned for sure but may do an extra. I don’t have a release time-frame for them yet but I’d expect at least one of them by the end of next week. Classes start back up for me at University this week so my schedule will determine how quickly I can get them out and if I do anything extra.

In addition to what I’m doing this month, I’ll also be working on a series of articles for February which I am very excited to do. You’ll have to stay tuned for that, but I think it’ll be pretty interesting.

Thanks & Closing Thoughts

A big thanks to everybody who continues to support me. I think this year will be pretty excellent so let’s forge ahead and see where it leads!

-Jon Spencer



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