12 Days Review


This is board game review 7 & is part of The  ❄️ 12 Days of Christmas ❄️ 

What better game to review for the 12 Days of Christmas than the game, 12 Days. This great card game for 3-5 players is just the thing to enjoy this holiday season with friends and family.

How To Play

Rodney must have been thinking the same as me this week. He recently uploaded a video explaining how to play the game. So rather than have me do that, I’ll let Rodney do the talking. His videos are really useful for learning, and sometimes seeing gameplay, of various board and card games. Be sure to check him out.

Thanks again Rodney for allowing me to use your videos!

That’s it! The game is super simple, but makes for a great time. There are some variants, but I haven’t been able to give those a try yet.

Closing Thoughts & Where To Buy

12 Days is fun, thematic, and novel concept that is sure to make any Christmas fan overjoyed. Regardless of the time of year, 12 Days is a solid game. The game plays quickly and is fun at all player counts. I recommend though, that the game is played with 4 or 5 players when possible, but it’s not bad with 3.

The artwork on the cards is truly excellent and embodies the 12 Days of Christmas well. One downside with the cards is that they have black boarders on the backs. Black boarders are never really great sine they scuff and wear very easily. In fact, I recently got a new copy of this game and the cards became noticeably scuffed after only a few plays. This problem could be fixed easily with clear penny sleeves, which I do recommend for this game.

12 Days is available at coolstuff.com for $7.69. I have seen this in some physical locations as well for slightly more, but odds are that you will be able to find this online more easily than not.

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