Lift It! Deluxe Review


This is board game review 6 & is part of The  ❄️ 12 Days of Christmas ❄️

USAopoly brings us a strange dexterity game known as Lift It! Deluxe. Using a crane, players must construct various towers in order to win. It’s harder than you’d think, especially since you really have to use your head sometimes!

How To Play


Contents & Board Sample

The game is fairly straightforward. 1-4 players work as individuals or as a team to construct various towers based on a deck of tower cards. The goal is to be the first person/team to cross the finish line by acquiring points. Depending on the difficulty, players have 40, 80, or 120 seconds to complete as much as the tower as possible.

This must be done using a provided crane and hook. Usually, the crane is held in the hand, but it can sometimes be attached to the head which is both funny and difficult. Once time runs out, players gain points for each correctly assembled piece. If all pieces are correct before time runs out, they get 2x the amount.

Each space on the board determines how each round is played. Some spaces involve a battle with no time limit, using only your head, normal construction, or having the building design described to you vs. seeing it yourself.

For kids, this game is going to be difficult enough and should be done individually. The game is usually fun for them, but could cause some frustration for younger kids. The game is recommended for those 8+, which is what I’d recommend too.

Partners Version of Game

For adults, the game is too easy if it’s just you. I suggest playing as a team of partners since you both have to control the crane and hook system at once. This ups the difficulty, which I found necessary after playing it with multiple parties. Alternatively, if played as individuals (or as a team) as a drinking game that makes for a good time as well.


Closing Thoughts & Where To Buy

Lift It! Deluxe is a fun game to bring out at small gatherings. It provides some goofy fun and can be quite challenging. When I had this game running in public, several people asked what we were doing and wanted to join in. There’s something that’s got to be said for a game that makes random strangers want to get in on the fun.

The quality of the components and how everything stores in the box is excellent. My only complaint is with the cranes, since sometimes when a person attaches a hook, it can fall off too easily at times. This can cause problems during tower construction which breaks the flow of the game.

I’d recommend this game for people with older kids (8+) or for adults who are looking for something silly to try and have a good laugh with. I’d recommend this game as a drinking game even, but it’s perfectly fine without alcohol too.

Lift it! Deluxe is available at coolstuff for $24.99.

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