RightStuf Holiday Sale Buying Guide 2015: Top 35 Picks


This is part of the ❄️12 Days of Christmas❄️

Rightsuf’s annual holiday sale can be a great time to pick up any anime, manga, or merchandise because of the deep discounts. I sifted through all the discounts and wanted to highlight the top 35 that I was able to find.

Here are the rules:  Only anime for this list (I don’t read manga and I don’t really buy merchandise), no “mega deals” or “limited time offers” are included on the list, and the discount has to beat or match the US Amazon listing price (if there is one). Other than that, the list is in no particular order.

1. Angle Beats

DVD Price:  $20.99

Blu-ray Price:  $24.99

While the show certainly has its flaws, it was still fairly enjoyable. At full price, this wouldn’t really be worth it, but at the discounted price for either the Blu-ray or DVD it’s worth picking up.

2. Anything From Aniplex

I was going to include a few of their titles on the list, however, they NEVER discount anything. So if there’s something you want from Aniplex, and it’s in the sale, now’s a good time to grab it.

3. Another

DVD Price:  $20.99

Blu-ray Price:  $24.99

Some of you may recall that I’ve reviewed this one during Halloween Week. Link to that here. It’s not the strongest horror or mystery show out there, but at the price it’s worth picking up if you enjoy it.

4. Aria Franchise

A lot of people say this show is the go to if you want something relaxing. Personally, I haven’t seen it. However, the entire series is discounted for DVD. If this is your jam, it’s a good discount.

5. Baccano!

DVD Price (only):  $19.99

While not a huge discount, this makes the list by just being so good. The show is real quality. If you like anime set in America (not common), Gangsters, and a rich story, then this is the show for you. If I didn’t own it already, I’d pick this baby up in a heartbeat.

6. Boogiepop Phantom

DVD Price (only):  $14.99

The show isn’t as good as it’s light novel counterpart, but it’s still a good watch from what I’ve heard. Unfortunately, I have yet to see this one, but I do own it personally.

7. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

DVD Price:  $10.49

Blu-ray Price:  $13.99

I haven’t gotten around to watching this one either, however, I have seen some of this director’s other films and they are really good. This one is among his most popular and the discount is incredible for his film, especially if you are looking for Blu-ray. I do own this one as well.

8. Clannad Franchise

DVD Price:  (for both S1 and S2)  $24.49

Blu-ray Price:  (for both S1 and S2) $31.49

I loved this series. After Story (season 2) is stronger than the first season, but the series is best taken as a whole. If you haven’t seen this for some reason, then you are in for a ride. Strong recommendation from me. There is also a film, but that’s a take it or leave it sort of deal. Personally, the series is all I’d get.

9. Death Note

DVD Price (only):  $19.99

Great series, great price, seems like a done deal to me. If you don’t own it, now’s the time to jump on it. The tension of the back-and-forth of this anime is incredible. While it can be a bit over the top at times, it’s considered a must-watch by many. Certainly, something worth putting into any collection.

10. Detroit Metal City

DVD Price:  $10.49

Blu-ray Price:  $13.99

I haven’t seen this one, nor do I own it. This is a mostly blind recommendation based on what I’ve heard. If you are looking for a death metal musical anime, then this is the one for you. The discount even has me tempted on it, though I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it.

11. Diamond Daydreams

DVD Price (Only & Thinpack):  $4.99

One of the largest discounts in the whole sale. I haven’t seen this one yet but did pick it up. At the price and from the general ratings this show has, if you enjoy love stories this may be something you want to look into.

12. Elfen Lied

DVD Price:  $13.99

Blu-ray Price:  $17.49

A show I own, but another I haven’t seen. This show pushed the envelope when it first came out due to its hyper violence and sexual imagery. While not being the sort of thing I’d normally seek out, it did play an important role in anime history. For that reason alone, the show is at least worth watching. The discount is pretty good, and would be a good edition to any collection. Includes the ova episode.

13. Fate/Stay Night + UBW Movie

DVD Price (Serries):  $9.99

DVD Price (Film):  $10.49

Blu-ray Price (Serries):  Pt. 1 $9.99 & Pt. 2 $14.99

Blu-ray Price (Film):  $9.99

With the popularity of Fate/Zero and UWB this franchise has been doing more than well. Why not go back to where it all started? While this series and movie do not hold up to the standards Zero and UBW have set, it’s still a solid series.

14. From The New World

DVD Price:  (Both Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) $20.99

Blu-ray Price:  (Both Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) $24.49

Another show that I reviewed during Halloween Week. Check out the review here. This show was amazing. Normally, this show is even more expensive than it already is. It is getting a complete set version for both DVD and Blu-ray around 2/2/16 so if you can wait, you can get it for about the same price then.

15. Gatchaman Crowds

DVD Price:  $20.99

Blu-ray Price:  $24.49

This is another more-or-less blind recommendation. However, this show had a lot of buzz around it and I’ve heard a lot of great things. I don’t know much about it beyond it being worthwhile. The show has a substantial Blu-ray discount, but the DVD price isn’t bad either.

16. Ghost Hound

Blu-ray Price (only):  $31.49 

Only the Blu-ray version is in the sale, but they do carry this on DVD as well. I note that because the show is out of print. It’s one that I picked up awhile back because I heard it was a spectacular series. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to it, but considering it’s out of print and I’ve heard nothing but praise for the series it makes the list.

17. Ghost in the Shell Franchise

DVD Price (only):  (S1 & S2) $19.99

Buy it. It’s out of print, it’s amazing, and a show that should be in any anime collectors collection. It’s no secret that I enjoy this series immensely. Personally, I found season 1 to be a tad better than season 2, but as a whole the show is more than fantastic.

18. Girls Und Panzer

DVD Price:  $9.99

Blu-ray Price:  $24.99

This series was strangely popular. I haven’t seen it but from the few people I know that have seen it, it’s supposedly pretty good. It’s about girls who fight in tanks against each other. This is making the list because it’s normally crazy expensive, so if you like this, you shouldn’t wait to pick it up. The DVD price is the better bargain of the two though. The OVA collection on both DVD and Blu-ray are also in the sale, but I don’t know enough about the show to recommend them.

19. Golden Time

DVD Price:  Pt. 1 $17.49 & Pt. 2 $19.99

Blu-ray Price:  Pt. 1 $20.99 & Pt. 2 $23.99

This show has been recommended to me so many times I can’t even count. Obviously, I haven’t seen it yet but apparently I ought to based on how many recommendations this show seems to get. The show is SUB ONLY so if that turns you off, you’ve been warned.

20. Golgo 13

DVD Price (only):  (Pt. 1, 2, 3, and 4 each) $7.20 or $28.8 for it all

The show is apparently about average, but really delivers in the entertainment department. It’s basically James Bond if it were an anime. I picked this up since it interested me. Additionally, the show is normally like $60ish bucks, so less than $30 is a good deal.

21. Grave of the Fireflies

DVD Price:  $9.99

Blu-ray Price:  $14.99

A remarkable and sad film from Studio Ghibli. This film really isn’t a children’s film though like you’d expect, it’s very adult, and sends a powerful message about war and who it effects most. The DVD discount is nothing to write home about, but the Blu-ray discount is good. If it weren’t for that, it’d make the Honorable Mentions at the very least.

22. Humanity Has Declined

DVD Price:  $17.49

Blu-ray Price:  $20.99

This series is sub only. Another one I personally picked up in the sale. I have yet to see it, but it comes strongly recommended from practically anybody who’s seen it. I don’t know much about it aside from it being a rather dark comedy, which is something I greatly enjoy.

23. Kids on the Slope

DVD Price:  $20.99

Blu-ray Price:  $24.49

A show coming from the director of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. This one doesn’t seem to get much love. It’s pretty solid and at the discounted price, well worth it.

24. Kokoro Connect + OVA’s

DVD Price:  Series – $20.99 and OVA’s – $10.49

Blu-ray Price:  Series- $24.49 and OVA’s – $13.99

This series was recommended to me sometime last year. I finally got around to picking it up and watching it about 6 months ago. Wow, it exceeded expectations. If you like romance shows with sci-fi elements, this show is definitely worth your time. The characters felt realistic and the story was fantastic overall (though it had some minor issues). If you pick this up GET THE OVA’S AS WELL or you won’t have the full series since the OVA’s are actually just the last 4 episodes of the series.

25. K-on Franchise

DVD Price:  S1, S2 pt.1 $20.99, S2 pt.2 $20.99, and Film $10.49

Blu-ray Price:  S1, S2 pt.1 $24.49, S2 pt.2 $24.49, and Film $13.99

Too many prices! Ah! Everything is discounted and is worth picking up. K-on is attributed by many for starting the whole Moe revolution that is still prevenient in today’s anime. It’s a cute show, as one would expect.

26. Little Busters

DVD Price:  S1 pt. 1 $20.99, S1 pt. 2 $20.99, and S2 $23.99

Blu-ray Price:  S1 pt. 1 $24.49, S1 pt. 2 $24.99, and S2 $27.99

Another show that comes highly recommended for me. I haven’t gotten around to this one though. If you like shows such as Kannon 2006, Clannad, or Angle Beats then this show is something you’d probably enjoy.

27. Log Horizon

DVD Price:  S1 pt.1 $20.99 & pt.2 $23.99

Blu-ray Price:  S1 pt.1 $24.49 & pt.2 $27.99

This and SAO are the two shows most frequently brought up when talking about “trapped in a video game” style anime. While I liked both seasons of SAO, Log Horizon is objectively the better show. The biggest flaw with this series is that it’s slow to start. Season 1 was excellent and I’m looking forward to watching season 2.

28. Mushi-shi

DVD Price (Only SAVE ed.):  $14.99

This show beat out Kino’s journey for a spot. While both shows are similar, this show is the better value for your dollar. It’s a nice, relaxing, and fun show that can be enjoyed passively in any order.

29. No Game, No Life (Collectors ED.)

Price:  $64.99

I own this edition and it’s very nice. It includes the soundtrack, which makes this well worth the price. If you liked the series, and are looking to buy, this is the version to get.

30. Ouran High School Host Club 

DVD Price (only):  $24.99

This show is pretty funny, especially the first time through. Ouran is pretty solid. However, like most people, I wish there was more of it, but what we got was pretty great.

31. Penguindrum

DVD Price:  (pt.1 & 2 each) $20.99

Blu-ray Price:  (pt.1 & 2 each) $24.99

Absolutely the best original story for an anime period. Art is great, music is great, story is great, ect…! If you haven’t seen this, it’s more than worth the price.

32. Ulimited Psychic Squad

DVD Price:  $19.99

Blu-ray Price:  $23.99

A spin-off of the older Psychic Squad series that is better and darker than the original. The original series is “eh” but Unlimited Psychic Squad was a fun show that doesn’t require the context of the original series to be enjoyed. This show is sub only.

33. Redline

DVD Price:  $5.99

Blu-ray Price:  $7.99

A fun, fast-paced movie about racing in space. Admitably, this movie doesn’t have much in the way of plot (though it tries). However, it’s one heck of a ride and more than makes up for the lack-luster plot with beautiful animation and heart-pounding music.

34. Shigofumi

DVD Price (only):  $17.49

Another show that I have reviewed; link here. The show has a strong start with a weaker second half, but I still enjoyed it. It’s especially worth the discounted price tag. This show is sub only.

35. The Garden of Words

DVD Price:  $8.74

Blu-ray Price:  $12.24

Stunning film. Parts of the film are done so well they seem photo-realistic. I haven’t seen the film, but I know it’s a worth-while piece even outside of the visuals.

BONUS 36. Welcome to the NHK

DVD Price (only SAVE ed.):  $14.99

A social commentary about hikikomori done in the style of dark comedy. I’m in the process of watching this one now, and I’ve got to say it’s very good so far.

Honorable Mentions

These shows are worth getting, but wouldn’t be a priority since they match the Amazon listing price or had a negligible discount on the normal price.

Black Lagoon – Blu-ray/DVD Combo:  $27.49

Cowboy Bebop – Blu-ray (only):  $29.99

Kino’s Journey – DVD (only):  $13.99

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Collector’s Edition – Blu-ray/DVD:  $51.99 [It’s out of print! If it weren’t for that, it’d have made the list. I loved this show.]


Hopefully this list is useful to you. There are other great shows in the sale, but these are the ones that I’d recommend from the sale so far. Did you agree with my list or did you think I left some great titles out? Let me know in the comments below.

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