❄️12 Days of Christmas❄️


❄️Hello Everybody!❄️

I am pleased to announce that I will be doing a 12 Days of Christmas event here on my site! I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks and am really looking forward to doing this. I hope you are all just as excited!

❄️Posts So Far❄️

❄️How It’s Going to Work❄️

Starting Monday 12/7/15 I will begin posting reviews, top lists, and discussion pieces. Since Christmas is on the 25th of the month, posts will not be made everyday. It’s likely that posts will run during the week, with nothing being posted on the weekend. This would have us ending the event around the 22nd of December.

The reasoning behind this is to give a little wiggle room in case I need to miss a day or two due to work (which I’ll still have, though I will be out of classes), internet access, or unforeseen complications. Hopefully there won’t be any issues though. There will be a max of 2 posts per a day. In these cases I’ve either missed a day or was in the giving mood :).

Posts will not necessarily be Christmas themed. The reason for this is that not everybody celebrates Christmas, and I didn’t want to limit myself too heavily in terms of content. Once the event has started, a list of posts will be added to this post. Each post will be titled as normal, but as with my Halloween Week posts, they will be marked with a ❄️ symbol in the italicized header. For example: This is review _ and is part of The 12 Days of Christmas❄️

Hope to see you all here!

-Jon Spencer


I don’t own the video or the music. Enjoy though!


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