Plans For The Week 12/27/15-1/3/16 & Happy Newyears!

635845200979031950-1693487873_2016yayHello Everybody!

Just wanted to let everybody know that I am on break until next week when we start the new year. Hope everybody had an excellent holiday and is looking forward to an exciting new year! This post will mostly be just my general thoughts on The 12 Days of Christmas event that I ran and a thank you to everybody who came by for it, so if you want to read that, keep on. Continue reading

My Top 10 Western Animation Shows

This Top 10 is part of The  ❄️ 12 Days of Christmas ❄️

Hello all! It’s Dana again, coming at ya with my first official article!

Now, I love anime as much as the next nerd (affection intended), but with more high quality shows being produced for western audiences all the time I think we should take some time to show some appreciation. During this Christmas season, I’d like to look back at all the shows that have given me so much joy over the years, whether they be recent or from my childhood. I don’t claim to have seen all there is to see of course, and there are definitely some hidden (or not so hidden) gems that I’ll have overlooked. But these are the series that I most enjoyed watching and that still hold up now in some cases. These are very much my opinions only and I reserve the right to use the argument “because it’s fun/awesome/”I was feeling it” as a reason for any of my placements. Continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite Anime (2015 Version)


This post is part of The  ❄️ 12 Days of Christmas ❄️

With the year nearing a close, I thought I’d share my top 10 personal favorite anime. These shows are ones that I personally got a lot out of, so I’m excited to share them with you. Some of these titles are well known, while others aren’t as popular. Enjoy! Continue reading

Edward Scissorhands Review


This is film review 2 & is part of The  ❄️ 12 Days of Christmas ❄️

When thinking what non-traditional Christmas movies would make for good reviews, two movies came to mind:  The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. Having already looked at the first film during Halloween Week (review here), I decided to take a look at this other Tim Burton film. While not really being a “Christmas” movie, I had a good time watching it from that perspective. Continue reading