Plans For The Week 11/23/15-11/29/15

large_happy-thanksgiving-titleHello Everybody!

Sorry this is a little late coming, had a busy weekend and an even busier day today. Don’t have an incredible amount to cover this week so let’s get right to it!

The Plan

It’s Thanksgiving this week, so I am not going to post anything outside of this for this week. The following week is going to be crazy busy for me so a heads up there, I’ll likely be fairly inactive until December 7th.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

I put up an anime review of Danganronpa which you can check out here.

Important Happenings:

WordPress changed how I make content now and it is pretty awful. I’m basically having to relearn how to do everything since almost nothing stayed the same. Sucks. Past that been enjoying my small break.

Of particular note, if you dig anime be sure to head over to Righstuf and check out their Holiday Sale. Some crazy discounts. If I have time I will try and point out some especially good deals once we hit December.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

Dear WordPress,

Please make it so your site is easy to use again.

❤ -Jon Spencer

Seriously though, I strongly dislike this new format. A quick thanks to Grady P. Brown and Crime/Mystery Film & Writing Festival for subbing. Go check them out if you have time. Your support is appreciated greatly, and same goes to my previous viewers as well!

Until next week, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

-Jon Spencer

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