Plans For The Week 11/16/15-11/22/15

Hello everybody!

I hope that each one of you han excellent week. I was very busy this and that made producing content here more difficult. Don’t worry though I’m not going away. More details on that part of the weekly update.

The Plan

  • Monday:  nothing
  • Tuesday:  Probably nothing; anime if I get it done then. We’ll see.
  • Wednesday:  Either the anime review or a board game review.
  • Thursday:  Nothing
  • Friday:  Nothing unless I have extra time
  • Saturday:  Relaxing day for me

I know that really isn’t all the much but my contributor, Dana, should be getting a review out this week as well.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

Though I was pretty busy, I did my best to get a few things out this week. I wrote a review for Love Letterr and

Important Happenings:

All of my classes are in full swing right now, which is part of the reason I’m so busy. I am now almost done the big marketing project, which I can’t really talk about until the term is over. I also have a work project as well. I’m going to be one busy beaver.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

I don’t really have much of a chance here. If you followed me on a social media site, thanks a bunch! I would like to particularly thank the geek couple and UnimeTV for following me here. Well, that’s if for me today.

-Jon Spencer

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