Plans For The Week 11/9/15-11/15/15

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for not being very active last week. Things have been busy for me with school and work. I’m still kind of busy, but not nearly as busy as I was last week! Any way, it looks like I should be able to do a more normal schedule this week. On with the news!

The Plan

This week here’s what I have going on:

  • Monday:  Probably just this update, possibly an anime review.
  • Tuesday:  If I didn’t publish Monday; the anime review.
  • Wednesday:  A board game review, not sure what yet (it’s between Love Letter, Lift it!, and Machi Koro).
  • Thursday: Nothing unless I’m extra ambitious.
  • Friday:   A Why I Love… article or a discussion piece.
  • Saturday:  Nothing.

That’s what I’m thinking at least. I’m not sure if my contributor has anything planned this week, so look out for something on that front as well.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

I didn’t really do much. I was pretty busy and exhausted most of the week. However, I did manage to get out a review of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. In addition to this, a brought on a contributor. Say hi to her here! She only has her introduction up at the moment but has planned content for the near future.

Important Happenings:

A big one was bringing on a contributor. Past that, I have several projects I’m working on for both school and work. That’s why I have been so busy. Unfortunately, I’m probably going to take a short hiatus on here at the end of the week, but that isn’t for certain yet. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

This last week was pretty crazy. I’d like to say that the site is doing better numbers wise, but I’d be lying. If you enjoy this, please remember to share what you enjoy with us or interact with me here on the site. Although I am writing for fun on here, it’s not very rewarding to do so for nobody. For those of you that have stuck around, I really appreciate it! Thanks for all your support!


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