Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Review


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Time ticks by, “Which wire do I cut?” I ask my partner, who is safely in the other room. One false move and it’s game over. You could cut the tension with the wire cutters I seem to have forgotten (seriously, for a game about defusing bombs you can do a pretty great job with no tools). I get the word, “cut the 4th wire!” He yells. I can tell he is slightly unsure. I cut it, only seconds left on the timer… Just in time, that was close.

Keep calm, and most importantly, keep talking to disarm this bomb!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game where 2 or more people must work together to defuse a bomb. The catch? Only one person can see the bomb and defuse it. The others are only there to help with an instruction booklet. Hope your communication skills are up to snuff.

How To Play

Some people enjoying the game. They are fancy, they even have an Oculus to play with!

The game is pretty straight forward. One person describes what they see on the bomb and the other person(s) explain what needs to be done to disarm it. Sound easy right? Wrong! The bomb’s modules are designed to cause miscommunications and hang-ups on irrelevant information. It takes an efficient team to tackle the more difficult bombs. You can see the manual here for yourself to get an idea.

My Thoughts

Initially, the game might seem a lot easier than it actually is. I had seen some gameplay, and honestly it didn’t seem too challenging. However, once you actually start playing it’s clear that the game is a lot harder than it looks. The game is moderately stressful, especially as it gets harder. That being said, this only makes the game better for my friends and I. We have devoted several hours to disarming bombs for the small amount of time I’ve had it.

If you have ever thought to yourself, “gee I sure would like to try defusing a bomb without all the dying if I mess up.” then this is the game for you. I know I had thought about this, and it turns out, so have many others. This is likely a reason the game is doing so well, that and it helps that the game can be pretty funny with the right mix, considering the misunderstandings that can occur.

It’s worth noting that this game has VR support. I personally don’t have any kind of that tech, so I haven’t enjoyed that experience. When I see people playing that way though, it does look even more intense and is worth trying if you have access to a VR device.

The only few flaws I can see with the game right now are that you need another person to play. One to defuse the bomb, the other to give instructions. If you can’t Skype, have somebody near by, or something similar to that, then this game isn’t for you. Additionally, at this time there is only one manual. If you beat the game, you can always replay with some different people, but it is possible that you’ll start memorizing puzzle solutions like I have.

Taking all this into consideration, I still think the game is totally worth the price of admission. I see myself having tons of fun with the game, especially as improvements are made overtime. If you are hesitant about the game, I’ll put a video here that you can check out to see if this might be your speed.

I’m not associated with the Game Grumps, I just think they are cool people. They do a great job showing off the game though and did a couple videos of it. Check it out if you want to see some gameplay.

Where To Buy

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is available on Steam for $14.99 or your regional equivalent. I highly recommend this game for people with a few friends that are up to the challenge. Good luck on your future bomb defusals, and remember to keep talking!

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