🎃Halloween Week🎃

🎃Halloween Week Is Here!🎃

Enjoy 🍬

Welcome to Halloween week! This week there will be at least one article EVERYDAY that is in the spirit of Halloween. There will be video game reviews, anime reviews, board game reviews, and more! Be sure to check back everyday to see what’s new!

Each Halloween week related article will be marked as normal in addition to having a 🎃 symbol in the italicized header. For example:  This is review _ and is part of Halloween week 🎃

🎃What’s Been Released So Far🎃

Here is a list of what’s come out so far, so that content can be found more easily. My content will hit 11:59pm (PST) everyday starting today 10/25/15 until 10/31/15.

Happy Halloween!

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