100% Orange Juice Review


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100% Orange Juice is a fast paced Mario Party style game for up to 4 players. The game pits cutesy characters against one another in order to complete specific “normas” or objectives. The first to complete all of their objectives wins. Sounds easy right? Guess again.

How To Play

Marie Poppo is literally the best

Each player first selects their character and what cards they would like to bring for the round. Each player has access to all cards brought by all players. So choose both what to bring, and your character wisely. The game then starts. Players have three choices at the start of their turns:

  1. Roll
  2. Card
  3. Info (not really all that important)

Players take turns rolling dice to move on the board. They then have the choice to fight anybody they encounter on the way, stopping on their space as well. Alternatively, they may move as normal. This action must be taken each turn.

Optionally, players may choose to play one of their three cards (if they have any). To do so, they must be the right level (based on how many objectives have been cleared) and have the right number of stars to pay for its cost. These cards are usually played to gain a tactical advantage or harm other players. They result in most of the craziness that ensues in the game.

Objectives come in two forms, get starts or beat things in a fight. Once you have done enough of whatever path you have chosen to follow, you complete the task by landing on any home base indicated by a lollipop with a player number on it. From their you choose your next objective until somebody finishes all 5 objectives.

Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

This game has granted me endless hours of entertainment with friends. While the game does have a single player story mode, it’s best online with friends. If you want to check out a game of it to see if you might enjoy it, I recommend watching this video:

I’m not affiliated with Jesse, he’s just a cool dude.

I highly recommend this game to pretty much anybody. It’s fun, goofy, and surprisingly tactical in its gameplay. If you want to buy the game you can over on Steam for $6.99 or your regional equivalent. The game also has numerous DLC that add new characters to enjoy and one new card expansion. These are not required for having fun, but I highly recommend them.

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