Weekly Update 10/12/15-10/18/15

Hello Everybody!

Hope everyone had an excellent weekend and is ready to start another week. I sure was busy this week and I’m only going to get busier. I know that is a little unfortunate, as this will effect my content release schedule. Don’t worry though, it’s not as bad is it might seem.

The Plan

Like I said, I’m going to be fairly busy this week. That being said I still have planned releases. No dates, just what is planned here:

  • Board Game Related Article
  • Possible Board Game Review of Love Letter
  • Finish From The New World (I hope)
  • Something special 🙂

That’s it really. It’s not a lot but I might do some extra if it turns out I’m not as busy as planned.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

I was not as active this week as I have been. This is mostly due to my University schedule picking up. I’m a student first and have a job outside of this, so please don’t give me too hard a time. That being said, articles released this week:  Dub Vs Sub Discussion, Why I Love… Rocket League, and Bang!: The Dice Game Review.

I’m actually disappointed by how little I was able to get out this week. I’ll try very hard to do a little bit better and keep to my MWF release schedule but I can’t make any big promises.

Important Happenings:

As I stated, school has really picked up. I’m busy with academics and trying to graduate. Just how it is folks. My marketing project starts next week and I’m stoked for that. I had an idea to post some class related things on here as well. I might consider doing that if there is interest (let me know if you want to here about that).

Other then this, I beat SOMA this weekend and went to see The Martian as well. I thought both were pretty good. I might get a review of SOMA out soon but the film is not something I will likely review at this time.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

As always, thanks to everybody who has been supporting my content! My numbers aren’t looking too hot right now though, so if you like what you read please share it! It helps me out and gives me lots of encouragement to keep up with these. If numbers keep like this, I’m sadly going to have to stop. Hopefully, it won’t come to this though.

Until next week!

-Jon Spencer

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