Why I Love… Rocket League


Article 4 in the Why I Love… serries

You like soccer? You like fast cars? You like rockets? Then have I found the perfect game for you! Even if you aren’t really a big fan of any of these things, you might be surprised by just how fun this game is. Rocket League has quickly jumped to one of my most played video games of all time.

Rocket League currently supports 2-8 players at any given time. The game lasts 5 minutes, but usually takes a little bit longer because of goal replays. It has cross-platform play for PC and PS4, which can be turned off. Additionally, it supports up to four players for local co-op. There are a decent variety of maps, which all function the same but are visually different. New maps will be added soon that aren’t standard soccer field-esque.

Why Exactly Do I Love It?

What exactly makes Rocket League so great then? To be honest, I don’t really know. Maybe it’s the fast rounds, the speed of the cars, or the cool aerial stunts you can pull off. Whatever it is, it has it in spades. Clocking in at over 150 hours (that’s just what’s on record) of play time since I bought it a little over a month ago.

There are at least, some aspects of the game that I can easily identify as enjoyable. I get a lot of satisfaction playing this game with friends. We are all pretty good at the game, so it makes for a good time. However, even when I play alone I still have fun.

My favorite part of the game is pulling off a seemingly impossible play. There are tons of videos and gifs of people doing insane maneuvers in the game online. When YOU are the one to pull it off though, it’s even better. Just see what I mean:

Not me or my video, just a pretty cool shot

My Thoughts On The Game Overall

Rocket League has offered me a lot of enjoyment. Part of the reason I held off from writing this for awhile was due to the community shake up when a lot of new people were jumping on board. At that time there were several server issues, as well as community issues. Recently, these issues aren’t nearly as big a problem as they used to be. For this reason, I feel like the game is easily going to have legs to stand on for some time.

The game already has a pretty decent pro league through ESL which has been beneficial as well. I haven’t competed any, but my friends have and they seem to have a blast with that. For me, it’s cool, but not entirely my speed.

Overall, I would highly encourage others to at least try the game. I personally think soccer and car themed games to be lame. However, somehow, this game has managed to rope me in and hold my attention for some time. That’s a pretty big accomplishment in and of itself.

Where To Buy

Rocket League is brought to us by Psyonix and is available on Steam for PC or PS4 for $19.99 or your regional equivalent. It also has one piece of cosmetic dlc, but honestly you don’t really need it. I bought it to support the devs, which I encourage.

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