Dubbed VS Subbed Anime Discussion

Dubbed Or Subbed?

The debate of whether people should watch anime dubbed or subbed has been going on for years. There’s the argument that subbed is better since that is the way it was “intended” to be watched. On the other side of the coin, dub fans say that, “I speak English, so that’s better.” Neither are right or wrong in my opinion. I think it really boils down to preference.

What’s My Preference?

I prefer dubbed anime to subbed. Now, before anyone gets upset understand that I do watch some anime subbed and have enjoyed it fully. The reason I watch anime dubbed more often is for a few reasons.

  1. I speak English, so it takes less effort. I know that sounds lazy, but there are times where I just want to watch a show and enjoy it without having to use laser focus. This ties in with point number 2.
  2. I can’t always keep up with the subtitles causing me to pause often to read everything. Even if I’m casually watching, I still don’t want to miss anything. For this reason, a subbed episode can take 40-60 minutes vs. the same dubbed episode taking 20-30. This isn’t always the case, but it’s obnoxious when it does happen.
  3. I can’t always read the subtitles. If I’m on my laptop it’s no big deal, but some subtitles are very hard to read on some television sets I can use. This issue only occurs about 25% of the time for me but it’s not a fun time if it’s my only option. In that scenario the show gets tabled until I can watch it on a better TV or my computer.
  4. I can measure the quality of performance and the show more easily. This is obviously more important for review purposes, but I do this regardless.

These are really the only reasons I watch shows dubbed more often than not. Like I said, nothing against subs or people who enjoy those more. I’m curious to know, who prefers which? Subbed or dubbed? Hash it out in the comments below, but please remember to respect other people’s opinions and be civil.

6 thoughts on “Dubbed VS Subbed Anime Discussion

  1. I watch most things dubbed, but I have no problems with subs when the option of English voices isn’t available. Subs are the best way to watch a show (especially when some companies take huge liberties with their vocal translations) but on the flip side I think some people are very snooty with respect to dubs. Back in the eighties dubs were horrible, but these days the voice actors are decent.

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  2. I can go either way on this issue. I’ve seen dubs that were great in comparison to the subs and subs that are better than the dubs. What I think it comes down to with me (and maybe others too) is how I started off watching the show. If I were to start watching a show with subs, then those are the voices I’ll associate with the characters and likewise with dubs. Afterwords, hearing it any other way becomes jarring enough that I’ll be more likely to dislike it.

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    1. While I admit some dubs are really bad (especially pre-Cowboy Bebop dubs), they certainly have gotten better over time. I’d be interested in knowing if you have any anime that you actually preferred the dub over the sub. Any way, thank for contributing to the article and for responding in such a respectful manner.

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