Plans For The Week 10/4/15-10/11/15

Hello Everybody!

We are on the third week, wow! A lot of stuff happened this week so let’s just get right into this week’s plan.

The Plan

As you may know from last week, I recently started back at university. So keep in mind that this schedule is tentative, but I was able to do more than expected last week. Just keep it in mind.

  • Monday I was planning on talking about Ghost In The Shell:  First Assault but I am now unable to do so. See my update about that here. Instead, I will likely do a “Why I Love…” article or discuss why I watch anime dubbed more often than not (you may have realized this with my reviews).
  • Tuesday nothing planned but I will likely start From The New World if I haven’t had the chance to before then.
  • Wednesday, whatever I didn’t do on Monday.
  • Thursday planning day for the next week. Maybe something new, not sure yet, this idea is still in the conceptual phase.
  • Friday a board game related article. Not sure on what yet but it will be a standard review. I’m thinking Love Letter or Bang! The Dice Game.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

I was pretty active this week. I published part 2 of Fam as well as getting my review of Princess Jellyfish up. I also did two anime related news pieces. The first one I can no longer cover (as mentioned) and the second one concerns Manglobe Studios. It’s brief since I had little time to write up and report on it, but it definitely was a blow to the anime industry.

I also managed to write up two “Why I Love…” articles. One discusses anime, while the other covers my love of board and card games. In addition to this, I explained how I review and rate anime. That can be found here.

Lastly, I ventured into new territory by creating a Twitter account @JS_Reviews. You can now follow me there for instant updates whenever I post an article or review here. Alternatively, the option to use this site, email, or Facebook is still available. I post different things in each place, but not articles or site related content.

Important Happenings:

I had my first week of classes. Should be an interesting term. In 3 weeks, I will become very busy with an important project for my marketing course. It doubles as a competition with the winners getting a very big prize. This will take up some of my time, and since I don’t know the nature of the project yet, I’ll keep you updated as this gets closer.

I was paid this week so things I added to my collections are:

I’ll probably review these things eventually. I have a lot of stuff that I can review at this point.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

Overall, this week felt pretty great. I’d like to say thanks to Kosmogonic and Storyshucker for the follow. Also, a big thanks to those who decided to follow me on Twitter or Facebook. That’s really it for me this week.

Hope everybody had a great weekend and will have a good week ahead!

-Jon Spencer

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