Splendor Review


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Splendor is a fast and easy game for 2-4 players. Designed by Marc Andre and published by Asmodee. Players work against each other in order to collect the best gems in this fast-paced and addictive game. Much like a good chip, this game will have you coming back for just one more.

How To Play

Normally, I’d explain how to play the game myself. However, I’d like to feature a great resource for learning board and card games with ease. Watch It Played, is my go-to source for learning games when possible. With that being said, check it out.

Thanks Rodney for letting me feature your channel here!

Pretty easy right? Splendor has mechanics that remind me a lot of Ticket to Ride, while still being its own game.

Final Thoughts & Where To Buy

This game is simple in design but still complex in strategy. Each game requires players to adapt and try different strategies. This is especially true if you are playing consecutive games, which, if we’re being honest, will happen. I have found success with this game, not only with my steady gaming group, but with non-gamers and even kids.

Since the game is simple to teach and understand, it really lends itself for almost any group. I would recommend Splendor most for families, or people looking for a good title to try and get into the board game hobby. As for more seasoned gamers, they may find the game a bit on the light side, but can make for a good feature if played back-to-back. Otherwise, it is a nice filler game to play between some heftier titles.

Splendor can be purchased from most local gaming stores or online. Personally, I recommend coolstuffinc.com. It currently sells for 27.49 at coolstuffinc. 

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