Why I Love… Board & Card Games

How I Got Into The Hobby

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I first got into playing board and card games when I was young. It started with more traditional games such as cribbage and Uno. As I got older, I was introduced to Settlers of Catan. Since that day, my interest in this hobby exploded. I currently have a collection of 200+ unique games and I enjoy them all. Once I had an income that could support trying games out and could buy them for myself, I began to do research. I discovered reviewers who I found trustworthy, bought the titles I thought I’d enjoy, and started from there. Over time, I quickly amassed quite a collection. Recently, I have become a little more picky over what titles I get. The reason for this is that I have more hobbies than I used to and have to allocate my extra cash between them. This isn’t bad though, I have plenty of games as is.

What’s So Great About Games Any Way?

Games are great because you get to spend time with other people, compete, and explore different settings. This is a great way to spend time and have fun with other people. Since games have a variety of themes and levels of complexity they are great for anybody; it’s just a matter of finding something that works for that person. Some people like extra competitive games, others like to work together, and some just want to have fun. There is a game for everybody and that’s what makes the hobby so fantastic.

Games can also benefit people outside of enjoyment as well. Board games can give you an opportunity to meet new people. I’ve met several people while playing games with people I already knew in public spaces. Additionally, if there is a game group in your area, which there is for me here, it can be a mutual starting point for blossoming friendships.

Beyond this, it aids in your communication skills. It’s hard to play a game and not get at least a little better at this. If you are the one learning and then teaching the game, you have to be good at communicating the rules to others. If you are just learning, then you have to be able to listen well. Both require patients and is a good skill to practice regardless of who you are.

For these reasons, I really enjoy playing games with people. I have tons of fun, meet people, and better myself in the process. I love when a hobby can do this, and board and card games does it very well.

Why YOU Should Try Board & Card Games

When people hear board and card games, they often think of things like Monopoly, Risk, or Uno. Not that these are bad games per se, but they definitely aren’t like the more modern games. These newer games are streamlined to be easier to get into and have fun with. Also, there is a larger variety of games than ever right now. This makes finding a game to enjoy so much easier. If you are looking for an idea of where to start, consider reading my article titled, “5 Board Games Everybody Should Play (At Least Once)” for some recommendations.

Closing Thoughts

If you give the hobby a chance, don’t go all-in right away. Just try a few things that seem interesting to you. You don’t need 200+ games like I have to enjoy the hobby. Getting into board and card games can be expensive as well. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with the newest games. Just enjoy what you want to, and what you are able to afford. If you do this, then the hobby should make for a great thing to do every now-and-again with friends and family.

With these reviews and game related articles, I hope to expose people to games that they might enjoy. By dong so, hopefully more people will get into the hobby and have fun. Let myself and others know what kinds of games you enjoy playing in the comments below.

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