Plans For The Week 9/27/15-10/4/15

Week 2 Already?!?

I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since I started! I got some more followers, both here and on Facebook. Thanks to Script Anime, and everyone else, for the support! I hope that everybody had a good week. Be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of the post; I want to know what you all think.

With that, let’s get to what’s on schedule.

The Plan

This week is going to be kind of touch-and-go for me. My university classes are going to run through the week and I’m not sure how busy these are going to make me. With that being said, here is my tentative schedule:

  • Monday I will have part 2 of Last Exile:  Fam, The Silver Wing up either early morning or early afternoon. This is a for sure thing.
  • I will most likely start watching Princess Jellyfish next. It’s only 11 episodes so shouldn’t take me too long. Depending, I may even have the show finished by the end of today.
  • Tuesday I plan on adding some menus with a link to a “Why I Love…” article for Anime and Board & Card Games. Anything beyond this will just be general maintenance if it’s needed.
  • Wednesday is perhaps my busiest day. I may or may not have something up on this day. I hope to have planned articles for this day in the future. My goal is to get a MWF upload schedule for major content, while lesser content goes up in the in-between time if there is any.
  • There is currently nothing planned for Thursday.
  • I plan to have something board game related up Friday; not sure what yet.
  • Maybe more, maybe less, I honestly can’t say for now. I’ll have a very clear picture when it comes time to make a new one of these.

Things of Note From the Previous week

Published Content:

This week I started my “Why I Love…” series. The first one is about dancing and was requested by one of my personal friends. Check it out here. Part 1 of my look at Last Exile:  Fam, The Silver Wing was published along with, a review of the social deduction game, Spyfall.

An important update regarding numerous site issues was posted. Read the full update here. Again, I am very sorry about the glaring mistakes that should have been caught in editing. I am working hard to get a good and reliable editor so this does not happen in the future. I went through each article meticulously and corrected any faults I could fine. Hopefully I was able to find and correct them all.

Important Happenings:

Not much went on this week outside of the usual. I got situated back on my University’s campus and went through the first week motions. Classes were meant to start, but seeing that my major doesn’t have class on 1 of the 2 planned days of classes for the week, they were canceled.

Past that, I made major updates to the site at a visual and functional level. I’ve been learning more about how to use things, which resulted in slightly less content than I could have produced, but should be worth it long term.

Closing Thoughts & Question

Overall, I think this week went pretty well. I was not very happy about all those errors though! Since I did my thanks in the opening statements, I have a question for everybody.

What'd you think?

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