Minor Update 9/24/15


This update is to inform my readers that some of my content has been edited this week. There were a few spelling errors when it came to names in my Last Exile content. I also noticed some major and minor grammar issues here-and-there in various writtings (I don’t have a regular editor at the moment).These have since been resolved. Additionally, photo descriptions have been changed to a standardized format. Otherwise, there were no changes made to photos.

Though these issues were fairly small, and largely went unnoticed, they are unacceptable. All content should read more easily, and as a result, be more clear. I strive to produce excellent content and these errors did not conform to this goal. I should not have made these errors in the first place, and for that, I am truly sorry. I will be more careful in the future to not make these mistakes again, as well as, to be more skeptical of my editors (the few times I have one). Again, I am truly sorry for my negligence.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support,

-Jon Spencer


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